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Cell Phone Use Car Accidents

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Cell Phone Car Accident Lawyers NY

New York Personal Injury Attorneys Represent Victims of NY Auto Accidents Caused by Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use in our modern society is a growing phenomenon. Less than a decade ago, only a few people could afford cell phones. Today, even teens and pre-adolescents can obtain minutes and chat away on mobile phones. This modern convenience, however, has its drawbacks, as the Bronx car accident lawyers at Proner & Proner are well aware.

The NYC injury attorneys at Proner & Proner often handle cases involving distracted drivers who have injured innocent victims through their thoughtless use of a cell phone while driving. Adding insult to injury is the fact that many cell phone users who cause accidents in New York City feel as though they have done nothing wrong.

Knowledgeable NY car accident lawyers realize that this is not the case. In fact, people who cause car accidents because of their cell phone use have committed an act of criminal negligence. This is because texting while driving lowers an individual’s ability to pay strict attention to the rules of the road. Many of these distracted drivers follow too closely and are slow to react to brake lights. In the experience of attorney Mitchell Proner, it is this slow reaction time that is responsible for many catastrophic car wrecks in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Queens, NY.

Cell Phone-Related Accidents Are on the Rise in New York

According to a study initiated by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), the use of mobile phones is quickly becoming the number one reason for driver distraction. The study showed that:

  • A person driving while speaking on a cell phone has the same impairment and reaction time as a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent.
  • Hands-free cell phones didn’t reduce the level of impairment; in fact, driver distraction rates were exactly the same as with hand-held cell phones.
  • Users of both hand-held and hands-free cell phones drove far slower than other drivers on the road, yet they were nine percent slower in hitting their brakes.

With more than 10 million U.S. drivers talking on cellular phones while driving on a daily basis, it is easy to understand why the number of personal injury lawsuits involving distracted drivers has dramatically increased in recent years.

Unchanging Attitudes About Cell Phone Use While Driving Also Increase NYC Personal Injury Lawsuits

Despite this information, people often have a nonchalant, defiant attitude in regards to their cell phone use while driving. On average, most people displayed an arrogant or rebellious demeanor when it came to being told that cell phones should be banned. There were even a handful who felt that it was their right to be able to talk on the phone while they drove — despite the risks to themselves and others.

Unfortunately, the Bronx lawyers at Proner & Proner have encountered just this kind of defiance from some defendants in New York texting while driving accident cases. (Even those who are harmed may second-guess themselves.) This is because the use of cell phones while driving is so prevalent that most people don’t give it a second thought – until they are involved in an accident that causes serious injuries.

Many people have called upon the car accident lawyers of our New York City law firm to handle cases involving injury due to another driver’s negligent cell-phone use. This is largely because the Proner team of seasoned personal injury attorneys has a history of success in handling cell phone-related car accident cases in New York.

Contact Our Knowledgeable NYC Texting While Driving Accident Lawyers

With years of collective experience under their belts, the Bronx car accident lawyers of Proner & Proner can successfully handle your case and help you and your family obtain the monetary compensation you deserve. The attorneys at Proner & Proner in New York City understand how mounting medical bills and a dwindling bank account can put your family’s financial security in jeopardy.

If you have been harmed in a cell phone accident and the person who caused the accident refuses to acknowledge their guilt, you have rights. Contact the law offices of Proner & Proner today for the quality representation you need to get your life back in order after a serious car accident.

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