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New York City is a city of pedestrians. Many—if not most—people in the city don’t own cars, relying instead upon walking, taxis, Uber/Lyft, and mass transit for transportation within the city. Unsurprisingly, the streets and sidewalks in some parts of NYC are often dense with pedestrians. Unfortunately, this density contributes to an above-average number of pedestrian accidents and serious injuries in the city.

Recovering compensation after a pedestrian accident in New York isn’t always simple. At Proner & Proner, our lead attorney Mitchell Proner understands the complexities of filing a claim or lawsuit after a pedestrian accident. In our 50-plus years of experience successfully handling pedestrian accident claims in the city, we know how to uncover answers to the critical questions in these cases:

  • Who was responsible?
  • Was that party negligent?
  • Are there other parties who may be partly responsible?

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Our attorneys sort through all the evidence, consulting with accident reconstruction specialists and other experts to get a full picture of the accident and answer questions like these.

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Establishing Negligence In A New York Pedestrian Accident Case

In many pedestrian accident cases, the accident and resulting injuries are caused by the negligence of others. Proving negligence is usually the first step to helping injured clients recover compensation from insurance companies or through the NYC justice system.  

Generally, to show that the responsible party was negligent requires establishing the following elements:

Pedestrian accident injuries can be especially serious, and our skilled pedestrian accident lawyers at Proner & Proner take our fight to recover fair compensation equally serious. We work tirelessly to recover full compensation for:

  • All medical expenses, including emergency room costs,
  • The cost of future medical care,
  • Lost wages and loss of your future earning potential,
  • The cost of rehabilitative care and physical therapy,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Loss of enjoyment of life,
  • Damages for wrongful death if the pedestrian accident caused the death of your loved one.

To learn about your eligibility to file a claim or lawsuit in connection with a New York pedestrian accident, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable NYC personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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Example Pedestrian Accident Cases We Handle In NYC

Proner & Proner is a New York City law firm that handles pedestrian accident cases arising from:

  • Drivers who fail to give pedestrians the right of way,
  • Drivers who speed or are overly aggressive in their driving,
  • Buses and trucks that fail to see pedestrians because of faulty mirror placement,
  • Drivers who run red lights and stop signs,
  • Drunk drivers,
  • Drivers who veer onto the sidewalk,
  • Drivers operating under the influence of drugs,
  • Run-over accidents.

Usually, run-over accidents in NYC are caused by driver negligence. Drivers who are distracted by their phones or texting or who simply fail to obey traffic laws can be held financially accountable for your injuries. According to Department of Transportation estimates, more than one-third of pedestrian accidents result from distracted drivers.

Although pedestrian accidents account for only around 8% of traffic accidents in NYC, in many cases, the injuries sustained by pedestrians can be extreme. At Proner & Proner, we have dedicated our practice to helping accident victims recover fair compensation for injuries such as:

  • Brain injuries
  • Other head injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Lacerations and “road rash”
  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Paralysis

Our pedestrian accident lawyers will work hard to identify the negligent parties and hold them financially responsible so that you can focus on your recovery.

Important Post-Accident Actions For NYC Pedestrian Accident Victims

Many pedestrian accident victims in New York might not know much about New York’s no-fault insurance law.  Even if you’re injured as a pedestrian, you might be entitled to insurance compensation. It’s important to act quickly, however, as you usually only have 30 days to file a claim as a pedestrian after a car accident.

After a pedestrian accident, you should also take the following steps to ensure your right to compensation under New York personal injury law: 

  • Seek immediate medical attention,
  • Call 911 (if someone hasn’t already done so) and file a formal accident report,
  • Take photos of the scene or ask a witness to take photos,
  • Get the contact information of the driver and anyone who witnessed the accident,
  • Follow all of your doctor’s instructions for treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NYC Pedestrian Accident Claims

Yes.  The driver or the insurance company might actually claim that you are totally or partially responsible for the traffic accident.  This might be the case if you:

– Were walking while very intoxicated,
– Failed to obey the crosswalk signals,
– Were distracted by your phone and veered into the road,
– Darted unexpectedly into the road.

If these claims are successful, your compensation award for injuries sustained in the pedestrian accident can be reduced.  It’s important to contact an experienced accident lawyer who will fight to counter the impact of any accusation that you, as a pedestrian, were responsible for the accident.

Manhattan.  Pedestrians are seriously injured or killed in traffic accidents four times as frequently as in the other boroughs.  Additionally, pedestrian accidents are much more likely to occur in intersections than anywhere else in the city. In more than half of pedestrian accident cases that occur in intersections with traffic signals, the pedestrian was crossing properly (with the signal).

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