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Injured in a commercial vehicle accident? Trying to recover damages from the injuries you sustained can be frustrating and overwhelming. 

Unlike standard vehicle drivers, commercial vehicles are governed by both state and federal regulations. When there is an accident with a commercial vehicle, several parties may share responsibility for the accident, which can further complicate the personal injury claims process. 

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Skilled commercial vehicle accident attorneys at Proner & Proner have a demonstrated track record of successfully recovering just compensation for those injured in commercial vehicle accidents.

Types Of Commercial Vehicles We Handle In NYC

Commercial vehicles are typically designed to carry larger loads — cargo, for example — or a larger number of passengers. Some examples of commercial vehicles include the following:

Commercial vehicle accident attorneys at Proner & Proner are skilled and knowledgeable at handling personal injury accident claims stemming from all types of commercial vehicles.

Negligence In New York Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Those who have been injured in commercial vehicle accidents may be covered under personal injury law, which protects those who have been injured in accidents due to negligence. When someone is injured in a commercial vehicle accident that is caused by another person or entity’s negligent, reckless behavior, the injured party may file a personal injury claim. 

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Determining Responsibility In Commercial Vehicle Accidents In New York

In standard car accidents, there are usually one or two parties who bear responsibility for the accident. In commercial vehicle accidents, there may be several different entities who share some level of responsibility, including any of the following parties: 

  • Truck driver
  • Owner of the truck or trailer
  • Leasing company for truck or trailer
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Truck tire manufacturer
  • Manufacturer of truck parts

Determining exactly how much responsibility each party bears can be challenging. In many cases, the parties responsible for the accident will try and shift the blame to the injured party. 

When several parties share responsibility for a commercial vehicle accident, each party may be equally responsible or they may only bear responsibility for the damages that they themselves caused. For instance, a commercial vehicle driver may be partly responsible for the accident and the manufacturer of a faulty part on the commercial vehicle may also be to blame. In these situations, the process of filing a personal injury claim in the state’s civil court system can become complicated. 

Furthermore, when a commercial vehicle is owned by a large company, and the vehicle is involved in an accident, the parent company will utilize their financial resources to fight the claim and minimize the compensation awarded to the injured victim. Recovering fair compensation on your own can be a losing battle. The personal injury team at Proner & Proner takes on those big companies and doesn’t stop fighting until we have recovered just compensation for our clients who have been injured in commercial vehicle accidents. 

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What Type Of Compensation Can I Receive For My NYC Commercial Vehicle Accident?

When filing a personal injury claim, the injured party seeks to obtain compensation for the injuries and other losses that they sustained in the accident. The damages that may be recovered in a commercial vehicle accident include any of the following:

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Talented Accident Lawyers Proner & Proner Have A Track Record Of Successfully Recovering Damages

The skilled personal injury attorneys at Proner & Proner have a track record of successfully recovering damages for those injured in commercial vehicle accidents, car accidents, and other accidents that are caused by negligence. Some of the firm’s more significant verdicts and settlements include the following:


Cyclist Hit By Truck


Pedestrian Hit By Bus


Pedestrian Hit By Bus and Taxi Cab

Dedicated commercial vehicle accident attorneys at Proner & Proner fight tirelessly to protect the rights of those injured in accidents with commercial vehicles.

Injured In A Commercial Vehicle Accident In New York? Get The Compensation You Deserve

Accidents with commercial vehicles often result in catastrophic injuries or death due to the large size and weight of the vehicle. When you are injured in a commercial vehicle accident and are facing significant medical bills, lost income from time away from work, emotional pain and suffering and more, your focus should be on your own recovery. 

At Proner & Proner, our commercial vehicle accident attorneys take on the parties responsible for your accident, including their parent companies and their insurance companies. And we don’t stop fighting on your behalf until we have recovered the maximum compensation for the injuries you sustained in the commercial vehicle accident. Contact us to arrange for a confidential consultation with a member of our team to discuss the details of your accident. We are available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and present your legal options.

Frequently Asked Questions About NYC Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Individual states set legal timeframes — known as statutes of limitation — for filing claims in the state’s civil court system. In New York, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is three years from the time the injury occurred. This deadline applies to all types of accidents that are the result of negligence, including commercial vehicle accidents.

It is important to note that statutes of limitations are firm legal deadlines. If the injured party fails to file a personal injury lawsuit before that three-year deadline passes, the claim will not be heard in the courts. Furthermore, the injured victim will have lost the opportunity to recover any damages.

If you are partly to blame for your commercial vehicle accident, the state of New York follows what is known as a “pure comparative fault” rule. In this situation, the damages you may recover are reduced by the amount of your responsibility for the accident. For example, if it is determined that you are 30% responsible for the accident, the compensation that you are entitled to receive will be reduced by 30%.

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Proner & Proner’s experienced car accident attorneys win big verdicts and settlements for seriously injured clients. In some cases, clients have won millions of dollars in compensation. Some of our major cases are listed below.

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