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At first glance, a subway is simple — it’s a train that runs through a tunnel in New York City. Most of the time, the train consists of several connecting cars that contain durable seats, as well as poles and straps for people to hold onto when the train is full. But a subway also requires several other systems that riders cannot always see. In some subway systems, the trains themselves are extremely complex. Unfortunately, the features that make subway systems stand out the most are also the factors which contribute significantly to accidents and serious injuries to passengers.

The number of NYC subway stations, the aging infrastructure, and the volume of passengers (more than six million on some days) create conditions that lend themselves to accidents and injuries. When those injuries are the result of another person’s negligence, victims should find out whether they are eligible to seek compensation. Schedule a free initial consultation at the New York City personal injury law firm of Proner & Proner to discuss your NYC subway accident case and to learn how the firm builds strong cases seeking maximum compensation on behalf of clients. Call us today or fill out the online contact form to get started.

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Causes Of Subway Accidents In NYC

If you were injured while riding the subway in New York City, you owe it to yourself to get sound legal advice about your legal options. Attorney Mitchell Proner understands the challenges of filing claims and lawsuits against public agencies such as the MTA and other negligent parties. He represents clients after they were injured because of:

When Attorney Mitchell Proner can show that such incidents were the result of negligence, the injured person may be able to file a personal injury claim in pursuit of compensation for medical and surgical bills, income loss, therapy and rehab, and pain and suffering. He also files wrongful death claims on behalf of those whose loved one died in a subway accident.

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New York City subway accidents can result in catastrophic damage to passengers, such as head and brain injuries, broken bones, lacerations, and internal injuries. One of the factors in a personal injury lawsuit is the extent to which the injuries affected your life. Attorney, Mitchell Proner works with medical experts and economists to translate a client’s losses and damages into a dollar amount. This ensures that clients who win claims after NYC subway accidents receive the full amount of compensation available under the law.

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Attorney Mitchell Proner serves clients throughout New York State and Connecticut. He also handles cases throughout the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NYC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

It depends on the type of accident involved.  Potentially responsible parties may include:

– Your own insurance company,
– The at-fault driver,
– A company that owned the other vehicle,
– The public transit authorities,
– A company that manufactured or designed a defective vehicle part,
– A company responsible for maintaining the vehicle that caused the accident,
– A property owner that maintained their property negligently,
– A government entity for negligently maintaining the roads.

Many people in NYC are injured in bike accidents, taxi accidents, bus accidents and other types of road accidents where they weren’t even driving a motor vehicle.  You might not even have car insurance. In some cases, such as subway or bus accidents, the public transportation authority may even be responsible for your accident.  Timelines might be much shorter for filing a claim than if you were injured in a simple car accident. Commercial insurance policies with higher coverage limits might be involved—which usually means the insurance company will fight even harder to avoid responsibility.  Our lawyers can help you understand the specific laws that apply based on the type of motor vehicle accident involved.

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Proner & Proner’s experienced car accident attorneys win big verdicts and settlements for seriously injured clients. In some cases, clients have won millions of dollars in compensation. Some of our major cases are listed below.

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