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Forest Hills, Queens, NY Construction Accident Lawyer

Courtroom-Tested Construction Accident Lawyers Get Maximum Compensation For Injured Persons In Forest Hills, New York

Construction sites are inherently dangerous and accident-prone places. Even with the best safety precautions in place, an accident is waiting to happen every single moment in a construction site. Whenever you hear the banging of hammers, the hum of engines, the spin of motors, the spark of welding rods, and the splatter of pouring ready-made concrete, anything can happen any moment in the site sprawling with trenches or tunnels, temporary flooring or scaffolding.

Numerous federal, state, and local safety regulations and standards for construction workers have been legislated and crafted due to the dangers and hazards present throughout the construction phase of any project. Unfortunately, construction accidents still happen quite frequently despite all the carefulness and safety precautions that construction companies put in place.

Injured In A Construction Accident And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

A moment’s lapse in concentration, a cutting corner done by a tired worker, or hidden defects that cause sudden equipment malfunction or machinery failure can lead to an irreversible chain of catastrophic events in the blink of an eye; and leaving one, a few, or several workers with life-changing, serious or disabling injuries in its aftermath.

For over 60 years now, the Forest Hills construction accident attorneys of Proner & Proner have helped so many people get a fair and full recovery from those people who were responsible for the injuries they sustained in devastating construction accidents. The total sum we have recovered for our clients who were injured victims of construction accidents in Forest Hills and throughout Queens and New York City, already amount to tens of millions of dollars.

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If you or a loved one got seriously hurt in a construction accident, get in touch with the construction accident legal team of Proner & Proner in Forest Hills, so we can assign a trial-seasoned construction accident lawyer to protect your rights and interests and make sure you get fair and full recovery from those who were responsible or liable to compensate you for the injuries and damages you sustained.

Common Types Of Construction Accidents In Forest Hills

There are numerous if endless types of dangers and hazards that can be found in construction sites. Even when construction companies and site supervisors take the best of precautions, anything can happen as a result of a simple negligence or recklessness on the part of any worker, or even just because of a minor failure or malfunction of equipment.

At Proner & Proner, some of the most common cases handled by our Forest Hills construction accident lawyers involve:

No matter what type or kind of injuries you may have suffered in a construction accident, our firm can help you get the maximum financial compensation.

Outcome-Focused Attorneys Get Maximum Compensation For Clients Injured In Construction Accidents In Forest Hills

Many construction accidents result from simple negligence, carelessness, and in some cases, recklessness. Some were the result of a construction company cutting corners on industry standard safety practices, or individual workers lapsing into mistakes due to negligence or fatigue. If you or a family member got seriously injured in a construction accident, our firm can help you obtain the financial compensation you need, to help you on your way to getting back your normal life.

If you are a construction worker injured on site, we can help you file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. We will also get to the bottom of your accident to find out if you have other legal causes of action such as a product liability claim for defective equipment or machinery, or a personal injury claim against someone else (a third party) who caused your accident by his negligence or recklessness.

If you were an innocent passerby or bystander injured in a construction accident, we can help you file a person injury claim against the people who were responsible or liable for your injuries. With Proner & Proner in your corner, we assure you that our attorneys will exhaust every opportunity to secure fair and full compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and earning potential, pain and suffering, and lost quality of life.

About Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills is a mostly residential neighborhood in the central portion of the Queens borough in New York City. It is adjacent to Corona to the north. To the South, it is bordered by Forest Park, and by Kew Gardens to the southeast. To the east, it is bordered by Flushing Meadows-Corona Park; and to the west by Rego Park and Glendale.

Originally, the area of the Forest Hills was called “Whitepot”. Its current name comes from the Cord Meyer Development Company which bought 660 acres (270 hectares) in central Queens in 1906 and renamed it Forest Park. In the 1920s and 1930s, further development came with the widening of the Queens Boulevard through the neighborhood. Then afterwards came the opening of the New York City Subway’s Queens Boulevard Line. Austin Street is the main commercial street of Forest Hills, and it contains many restaurants and chain stores.

Contact Proner & Proner Today To Set Up A Free Case Review With Our Forest Hills Construction Accident Attorneys

When you or a family member have been injured in a construction accident, give us a ring and let our Forest Hills construction accident lawyers at Proner & Proner make sure you secure the financial and compensation that you are legally entitled to, for your injuries and damages. Contact us for a free, no-obligation case review today to discuss your legal rights and options.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Construction Accidents In Forest Hills, Queens

FAQ: Who can be held liable for a construction accident?

It is quite possible that multiple parties were simultaneously responsible or may have shared liability for a construction accident. This can include property developers, construction companies, contractors, subcontractors, individual construction workers, the owner of the property where the construction site is located; as well as architects, engineers, makers and manufacturers of defective equipment, machinery or materials.

FAQ2: What kinds of damages can I receive as compensation for injuries sustained in a construction accident?

If you, a loved one, a family member, relative, neighbor or friend, have been seriously injured in a construction accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation and therapy for your injuries. If you receive workers’ compensation benefits, you may be entitled to partial wage replacement from work absences. You may also avail of disability payments if your injuries prevent you from going back to how much you were earning before the accident happened.

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