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Motorcycle Accidents in New York Without a Collision

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Motorcycle Accidents in NY Without a Collision

It can be challenged for victims to get financial compensation for New York motorcycle accidents that do not involve collisions. Liability in these cases is naturally harder to pinpoint on someone due to a lack of actual physical contact as additional evidence. To top it off, many drivers don’t notice motorcyclists leave before a victim has a chance. Most no-contact NYC motorcycle accidents involve a motorist not having full attention on the road. Negligent behavior, whether it results in a hit or not, still can cause serious accidents and catastrophic injuries for New York City motorcyclists. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident lacking a collision, call the experienced NYC motorcycle accident attorneys of Proner & Proner today at 212-500-1003.

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Proving Liability and Negligence Is Crucial in Non-Collision Motorcycle Accident Cases in New York City

When two or more motor vehicles are involved in an accident but don’t actually make contact, filing a lawsuit for financial compensation can be a lot more complicated. This is because it is harder to prove that the other party actually did something negligent when they didn’t actually strike the motorcyclist. Evidence of the accident is especially crucial to prove liability in these types of cases. This includes such things as diagramming the accident, taking pictures, and getting witness contact information to support your case. Calling the police and making sure to obtain a police report can also help.

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Another issue is that because the other vehicle does not make contact and is often distracted, they often do not even realize they have caused a motorcycle accident. This only makes it more difficult to prove liability as they often drive off.

Examples of NYC Motorcycle Accidents Where the Rider Wasn’t Actually Hit by Another Motorist

There are many instances in which a motorist can cause a motorcycle accident without striking the bike. Some of the common ways this can occur include:

  1. Not noticing the motorcyclist driving close to them and changing lanes or making other maneuvers quickly to cause the motorcyclist to have to dodge out of the way and resulting in a crash. This is especially common when a motorist does not use turn signals. It is similar to a rear-end accident without an actual collision.
  2. Violating traffic laws by going too fast or not yielding the right of way, causing a motorcyclist to have to move around the other vehicle or to get out of the way. For instance, at a four-way stop sign intersection, a driver may not be paying attention properly to the motorcyclist and move forward even when the motorcyclist has the right of way.
  3. Distracted driving, such as looking at a cell phone while driving toward a red light and blowing the light, causing a motorcyclist who started to go on green to have to swerve around the distracted driver.

Difficulty of Proving Fault of the Responsible Driver in a Non-Contact Motorcycle Accident in NYC

In no-contact motorcycle accidents, it is often difficult to prove liability because it may be hard to even find the responsible individual. This is because they often keep on driving due to not noticing the motorcyclist in the first place. With how quickly these types of motorcycle accidents happen, it is very hard to catch a license plate, especially since the individual is often swerving and panicking. When you can’t hold a liable party responsible, it makes a case much more difficult. In New York state, personal injury protection insurance does not cover motorcycles, leaving motorcyclists with limited options for coverage unless the police find the negligent rider (who also has to be insured themselves). Finding the negligent party also tends to take months and is treated as a hit and run accident. When it takes that long to even find someone to sue, it can cause serious financial difficulties for the accident victim.

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NYC Motorcyclists Involved in No-Contact Motorcycle Accidents Choose Attorney Mitchell Proner to Tackle Naturally Difficult Cases

Motorcycle accident cases in NYC without collisions can be very difficult to win for injured victims. Difficulty in finding the liable party, challenges fighting insurance companies when a liable party isn’t found, and less evidence that can be used in a case due to lack of a hit can all be big challenges to a successful claim. A quality litigator like New York motorcycle accident lawyer Mitchell Proner can use his decades of knowledge and experience to tackle these hard cases and fight to get you the money you need to cover injury costs and to get back to your normal life. Call us today at 212-500-1003 or contact us here to get started with an initial, free-of-charge consultation about your New York City motorcycle accident case.

Motorcycle Accident Verdicts & Settlements

We understand motorcyclists because we ride. And we understand that when things go wrong on a motorcycle, often it’s not the motorcyclist’s fault. Here are some of our successes in getting compensation for riders.

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