How to Get the Most Compensation for Your NY Motorcycle Accident

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10-Step Guide Of Things To Do After A New York City Motorcycle Accident To Best Prepare Your Injury Claim

The following list of guidelines will help make sure you cover all your bases after a motorcycle accident by making sure you don’t miss crucial evidence for your claim and helping the legal side of things go more smoothly and positively.

1. After getting to safety, seek medical treatment: It is important to seek health care as soon as possible after getting injured in a motorcycle accident, not just for your own well-being but also for your injury claim. Insurance companies often try to pull a fast one by accusing a motorcycle accident victim of having greater medical costs only because they did not get treated, or by trying to make a case that the delayed treatment was because the injury did not come from the motorcycle accident.

2. Do not discuss your motorcycle accident case with anyone besides your personal doctor and legal advisor: It is important to only discuss any part of your case with your trusted doctor and legal advisor. What you say can get out there and be used against you in your case.

3. Take pictures of everything and anything relevant ASAP: It is important to take pictures of everything at the motorcycle accident scene, including the location, vehicles, injuries, road hazards, traffic lights, etc. You want to do this soon after the accident, before the scene is altered by outside sources. This will ensure that evidence is clear and as close as possible to the moment of the motorcycle accident.

4. Record all witness information: Witnesses can be crucial in motorcycle accident cases, especially with the bias that surrounds these types of accidents. Write down the full names, contact information, and license plates of anyone who has stopped and witnessed the accident. If they refuse to provide their information, take a picture of their license plate because they can be required to go to court regardless of their initial cooperation.

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5. Make a diagram of the accident scene: Diagrams are often very helpful for your lawyer and for the case to get a clear idea of exactly what occurred. It can also help your lawyer see the location and moment of impact and be aware of road hazards.

6. Call the police and obtain a copy of the police report: If the police weren’t called by someone else, do it yourself. A proper police report is useful for a case, as these reports have authority and are considered to be professional and important evidence. Make sure to obtain a copy after the accident, and make sure that the report is accurate.

7. Keep a record of all medical expenses: Keep a folder with receipts and bills for all medical expenses, including insurance bills, copays, therapy bills, prescription medication receipts, etc. You won’t get compensated for medical costs if you are unable to prove you incurred those costs.

8. Keep all medical evidence: Medical evidence of your injuries or medical conditions are also important. Proof that you were actually seriously injured can play an important role in a motorcycle accident case, so be sure to keep prescription bottles, letters, and emails from doctors, x-rays, photos of injuries and injury progress, etc.

9. Document lost wages or school time: You can also be compensated for other monetary losses, such as lost time at work or loss of progress in college where you pay tuition. Document all time out of work or school and any financial loss related to the lost time.

10. Record all out-of-pocket costs related to injury care, time spent by others, and pain and suffering: Make sure to consider any other costs that were directly related to your motorcycle accident injury, both financial and time related. Paid help, daycare for children, outside therapy, time spent by family members to care for you, and emotional support animals are all examples of these costs. If your pain and suffering are serious and include loss of time with family, loss of career advancement, lack of intimacy with partner, etc., these can also be considered.

Other Helpful Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your NY Motorcycle Accident Claim

Here are some other tips on handling your NYC motorcycle accident claim:

  • Be honest and do not exaggerate your injuries or needs.
  • Do not accept the first settlement offer you receive. Consult a lawyer FIRST.
  • Do not let the insurance companies take away your motorcycle. Get it towed and inspected by someone you trust.
  • Make sure to find a quality lawyer to handle your case.
  • Be patient, as some cases can take several years to resolve.
  • Present yourself in a respectable and positive manner.
  • Be realistic about your insurance coverage and do not take advantage of the situation.

Proner & Proner Provides Necessary Legal Guidance After A New York City Motorcyclist Gets Injured In An Accident

There are so many things to gather evidence for and so many other factors to keep in mind when trying to get financial coverage for costs you’ve incurred as a result of your motorcycle accident injuries. Having an experienced New York City motorcycle accident lawyer will ensure that you have the best chance for the greatest possible compensation in your accident claim. Proner & Proner can help advise you on evidence gathering, and we can send out professionals ourselves. We can make sure to advise you on what to do and say, as well as what not to say, to help keep your case running smoothly. Call our NY office at 212-500-1003 or contact us online to talk to a lawyer who will dedicate themselves to your case today.

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