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As anyone who has survived a heart attack knows, timeliness of treatment is essential to minimizing the damage caused by a heart attack. The failure to diagnose a heart attack, or the misdiagnosis of the symptoms, can cost victims precious minutes and hours. As a result, the victim may suffer permanent heart damage, stroke, paralysis, or even wrongful death.

The New York City attorneys of Proner & Proner are experts in medical malpractice law and have represented heart attack victims and their families against negligent hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the state of New York. If you or a member of your family has been harmed by a failure to diagnose a heart attack or the misdiagnosis of its symptoms, our medical malpractice lawyers can help you.

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The Failure To Diagnose A Heart Attack

Most often, the failure to diagnose a heart attack occurs in emergency rooms. In some cases, patients are sent home without proper diagnostic tests having been performed. In other cases, patients are left waiting due to the lack of obvious heart attack symptoms while irreparable damage is being done.
To minimize the effects of a heart attack, it must be treated in its earliest possible stages. The failure to provide timely treatment, especially among emergency room personnel, can easily result in wrongful death.

Medical malpractice law protects the rights of victims who have been injured due to the failure of medical professionals to provide care of at least a competent standard. The NYC medical malpractice lawyers of Proner & Proner fight for the rights of victims and their families, making sure that their voices are heard and that hospitals and their personnel are held responsible for their negligent actions.

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis At NYC Hospitals

Heart attack misdiagnosis is also distressingly common, again, especially in NYC emergency rooms. In cases involving less severe symptoms, heart attacks may be dismissed as heartburn, acid reflux, or another condition of the chest or gastrointestinal system. Heart attack misdiagnoses are particularly common when the patient does not fit the profile of the typical heart attack sufferer (e.g., young females and young people without a family history of heart disease).

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