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Shoulder dystocia is one of the most common birth injuries, one that requires quick and decisive action on the part of delivery room personnel. Shoulder dystocia occurs when the baby’s anterior shoulder is not able to move past the mother’s pubic bone after the head has already exited the vagina. When the obstetrician responds properly, the effects of shoulder dystocia may be negligible. However, the failure to deliver the baby within minutes after the head has been delivered can lead to chest and brain injuries or even wrongful death. Conversely, if improper measures are used to respond to shoulder dystocia, the baby may suffer Erb’s palsy or another serious birth injury.

If your child has suffered a birth injury due to shoulder dystocia, the New York City lawyers of the law firm of Proner & Proner can help. Our NYC medical malpractice attorneys have the resources and experience to take action against any hospital or other healthcare provider in the state of New York. Our tenacity in the courtroom and compassion for victims and their families truly distinguish our lawyers from their peers.

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Medical Malpractice Cases Arising From Shoulder Dystocia In NY

Recognizing and responding to shoulder dystocia requires precision and skill; however, all competent obstetricians are trained in methods of delivering these babies without applying undue pressure to or even touching their heads. Even when these methods are used properly, shoulder dystocia can result in injury to the baby; tragically, in these cases, the injury may have been unavoidable. However, when improper methods are used to deliver the baby, serious – and avoidable – birth injuries may result, including:

Cases involving shoulder dystocia can be particularly challenging. The plaintiff’s attorney must be able to prove that a medical mistake occurred and that, if not for the mistake, the child’s injury could have been avoided. Because shoulder dystocia can result in serious injury even when the obstetrical staff responds precisely as they should, medical malpractice cases involving shoulder dystocia require particularly careful preparation.

Proner & Proner works with trusted medical professionals to build the strongest case possible on behalf of those whose lives have been turned upside down by birth injuries. We always serve the best interests of our clients, whether that means settling a case out of court or trying a case to verdict. We fight for the rights of our clients, and particularly those innocent victims of birth injuries that cannot fight for themselves.

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If your child has suffered a birth injury due to shoulder dystocia, please contact the New York City medical malpractice attorneys of Proner & Proner to discuss your case. Our NYC attorneys represent families who have been devastated by birth injuries, treating them with compassion and respect while taking aggressive action against the party responsible for their suffering.

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