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Why Hire Proner & Proner for Your NY Motorcycle Accident Case?

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Why Should You Hire Proner & Proner for Your NY Motorcycle Accident Case?

We Have the Experience a NY Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Should Have

Proner & Proner has been representing NY motorcycle accident victims for over 50 years. Founded by Mitchell Proner’s father, A. Stanley Proner, our law firm has achieved endless successful verdicts and amazing settlement amounts. A. Stanley Proner’s skill, knowledge, and expertise were passed down to his son, Mitchell Proner, who now runs the law firm and continues to win court battles for his New York motorcycle accident clients.

A. Stanley Proner also passed on his love of motorcycles to his son: Mitchell is an active rider. Mitchell was also himself in an New York City motorcycle accident and broke his wrist, ankle, and several bones in his back in 1990. With the exception of the time it took Mitchell to recover from his injuries, he never stopped riding. He currently owns two Harley Davidson motorcycles: a 2018 road glide and a 1993 Heritage that he has logged over 120,000 miles riding on.

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Better yet, Mitchell Proner has extremely impressive credentials that make him incredibly trustworthy. He is the past president of the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers, elected director and lifetime member of the New York State Trial Association, a lifetime member of a Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forum, rated in the top 100 trial lawyers by the American Trial Lawyers Association, and he has been given the highest ratings in ethics and skill in advocacy by Martindale-Hubbell (an information services company for attorneys that was founded in 1868). Mitchell can also speak three languages fluently (English, Italian, and Spanish) to help a wider variety of clients.

To learn more about Mitchell Proner’s Experiences and Community Involvement… Click Here!

Proner & Proner Has the Resources an Attorney Needs to Help NYC Motorcycle Crash Victims

Mitchell Proner’s legal team has the financial resources necessary to make sure they can follow through with their clients’ lawsuits. They also constantly stay up to date on new laws, New York State happenings, updated technology to increase efficiency, and new attorney procedures and techniques to improve their service to clients and to increase their success in settlements.

Being a part of so many legal institutions and motorcycle communities gives Mitchell Proner access to a wealth of information that can help him connect deeper with his clients, help him win court cases, and make sure he is practicing law in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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Proner & Proner Has In-Depth Knowledge Regarding New York State Motorcycle Laws

Mitchell Proner prides himself on being well versed and up to date on any information regarding New York laws, including being well aware of changes in his practice areas and attending educational meetings to learn all he can in between his work and down time. The last thing you would want is a lawyer who doesn’t know what’s going on with the latest developments in the law!

Proner & Proner also offers a wide range of informational blogs and pages via this website to showcase just how much they know as they look to educate clients and visitors. They go into great detail on all subject matter regarding their practice areas, including NYC motorcycle accident claims. For example, did you know that insurance companies determine who is more at fault in a left-turn accident between a motorcycle and another vehicle based on the point of contact, which has been shown to ignore physics laws and to not be very accurate? Some motorcycle accident victims may not even realize that they should hire a motorcycle collision expert to fully diagram and map out the accident for proof of liability.

Proner & Proner Is Passionate About Fighting for the Rights of NYC Motorcycle Accident Victims

Mitchell Proner is an avid motorcyclist and participant in the motorcycle community. In 1990, Mitchell was riding his ’88 Sportster when he got hit by a taxi that ran a red light. In the accident, Mitchell broke his back and multiple bones in other parts of his body. After a long recovery time and many surgeries, Mitchell got back to riding. Today, he has ridden his 1993 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail over 120,000 miles and continues to ride and interact with others with the same love for motorcycles as him. You can be assured that Mitchell Proner will connect with you on a personal level and have an even greater desire to fight for your rights.

Besides Mitchell’s own passions, Proner & Proner has made it a top priority to hire and keep on staff highly knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to their clients and who are able to be extremely supportive and attentive. At Proner & Proner, you get a legal staff that cares for every client every time.

Proner & Proner Has the Attorney Perks That Anyone in a New York City Accident Wants

Proner & Proner will always be available to discuss your New York motorcycle accident, regardless of fault. The firm’s knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys provide free consultations. Moreover, if necessary, staff will travel to you when you can’t get to one of the Proner offices conveniently located throughout New York.

The staff at Proner & Proner are available 24 hours a day and always prepare each client’s case as if it will be going to court so that they are fully prepared if the case eventually teaches trial.

And then there is one of the best perks of all: You pay nothing until Proner & Proner wins your case and gets a positive verdict or settlement, whether through court or by battling the insurance company. What that means for you is ZERO financial obligation or risk. You won’t pay anything unless Proner & Proner succeeds.

Proner & Proner Has the Results That Demonstrate Their Success in New York City Motorcycle Cases

Proner & Proner has been getting positive verdicts in NYC motorcycle accident cases for decades. Last year alone, they won over $14 million for their NY clients. They are experts at getting the most for your claim, and they have a great deal of expertise regarding motorcycle accidents. Their numbers show why it is always best to consult with a lawyer before accepting an insurance company settlement offer. You can often get way more than you would have expected.

Here are just some of the many successful NY motorcycle accident verdicts Proner & Proner has won recently:

  • $3,300,000 – Motorcyclist Hit by Vehicle
  • $2,000,000 – Motorcyclist Hit by Vehicle
  • $1,100,000 – Motorcyclist Hit by Oncoming Traffic
  • $930,000 – Wrongful Death Accident
  • $930,000 – Motorcyclist Hit by Car Pulling into Roadway
  • $930,000 – Motorcyclist Hit by Car
  • $900,000 – Motorcyclist Hit by Left-Turning Vehicle
  • $821,000 – Motorcyclist Hit by Vehicle
  • $325,000 – Motorcyclist Lost Control of Bike
  • $280,000 – Motorcyclist Cut Off by Car

Free Consultation with Experienced NYC Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been in a New York motorcycle accident and want the best results possible from the best lawyer possible, there is only one place to call: Proner & Proner. Contact an experienced NYC motorcycle accident attorney today by using this form or by calling (800) 776- 5291.

Motorcycle Accident Verdicts & Settlements

We understand motorcyclists because we ride. And we understand that when things go wrong on a motorcycle, often it’s not the motorcyclist’s fault. Here are some of our successes in getting compensation for riders.

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