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Motorcycle Safety Tips: Avoiding Accidents in New York City

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Motorcycle Safety Tips: Avoiding Accidents in NY

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately a much more common occurrence in the congested city streets of New York City. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle is also inherently more dangerous than riding in other motor vehicles due to the lack of extra protection such as seat belts, airbags, and other protective padding. Motorcycle accidents often result in catastrophic and life-lasting injuries for the riders, if they were lucky enough not to lose their life. Naturally, NY motorcyclists will want to be prepared and know what to avoid and what to do to prevent being a victim. Below, we have compiled a list of the best tips to avoid motorcycle accidents in New York.

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Safety Tips for NYC Motorcycle Riders

Here are some important safety tips for New York City motorcyclists:

  • Always wear a helmet. Your head houses your brain and thus should be the most important part of your body to protect at all times. This is especially important for someone on a motorcycle, which naturally has a lot less safety features than a car or truck. Statistics show that 37% of riders not wearing helmets in motorcycle accidents who lost their life in an accident could have survived if they had worn a helmet.
  • Wear protective clothing and gear. What you wear can significantly reduce the severity of injuries in a motorcycle accident. Protect the eyes with safety goggles, wear vibrant and eye-catching clothing, and wear a jacket that is skin tight and does not catch the wind.
  • Get a motorcycle license. Most states, like NY, require special licensing to ride a motorcycle instead of a car or truck. It often involves specific written and skill tests and special safety education.
  • Complete an educational program. Statistics indicate that 90% of those who end up in motorcycle accidents often were self-taught or educated by a friend on how to ride. Paying and working through a real education program about motorcycle riding and safety can ensure greater knowledge and better driving ability overall.
  • Know your driving ability. Be aware of what you are capable of as a motorcyclist. Do not use the road as a time to work on your skills or make assumptions about what you can and can’t do effectively.
  • Do not ride unless sober and aware. Around 50% of accidents involving a motorcycle are caused by speeding or driving drunk. It is also important to avoid being exhausted or under the influence of other substances while riding your motorcycle, as both situations can greatly reduce awareness, reaction time, and overall driving ability.
  • Practice safe driving. Make sure to follow all traffic laws and guidelines. If you are unsafe, you are only increasing the risk of a serious motorcycle accident. Also, be sure to assume that other people on the road may not follow traffic laws or may make mistakes. Defensive driving will greatly reduce the chance of a collision.
  • Avoid lane sharing and lane splitting. There is a reason they teach you to keep a safe distance between yourself and other drivers. When sharing a lane or driving between cars, this leaves you virtually zero chance to react to mistakes or bad driving behaviors of other motorists. The end result can be a motorcycle accident resulting in significant injuries or even death. In fact, these types of driving behaviors almost guarantee a serious accident should the other motorist on the road make a mistake.
  • Educate yourself on common causes of motorcycle accidents so that you can avoid them. Knowledge is everything. The more aware you are of common issues in motorcycle accidents, the more prepared you can be on the road. You can then apply this to your defensive driving and avoid a future tragedy.
  • Avoid road hazards. Educate yourself on common road hazards and the safest way to maneuver around them. A motorcycle is much more likely to be seriously affected when colliding with an obstacle or slipping on ice, for instance, due to the vehicle’s size.

Important Riding Safety Checks and Motorcycle Maintenance

Although the tips above are extremely helpful, if something is wrong with your motorcycle itself, there is only so much you can do. It is important to check your motorbike thoroughly before each ride to ensure your safety.

To make sure that your motorcycle is in good working order, check the following:

  • Tires: Treat wear, cracks, bulges, and other issues that could result in blowout.
  • Under the motorcycle: Oil or gas leak signs.
  • Headlight, taillight, and signals: Make sure they are bright and functioning.
  • Hydraulic and coolant fluids: Check weekly.

Once you’ve mounted the motorcycle, check the following as well:

  • Clutch and throttle: Throttle should snap back when released.
  • Mirrors: Cleaned and properly adjusted.
  • Brakes: Check both front and rear, and check for a firm brake.
  • Horn: Check that it works.

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No matter how careful and safe you may be, sometimes a motorcycle accident is out of your control. You can only be so defensive and so prepared. You cannot prevent other drivers from being negligent on the road, and sometimes avoiding a collision is impossible. If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in New York City and need someone to fight for you, Proner & Proner can stand by your side. We have legally advised NYC motorcycle accident victims for decades, and we are ready to support you too. Call us today at 212-500-1003, or contact us here to schedule a free consultation regarding your New York motorcycle accident case.

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