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How to Report a Motorcycle Accident and File a Claim in NY

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How Can You Report a Motorcycle Accident and File a Claim in NY?

Right after you experience a motorcycle accident in New York City, you may be overwhelmed, injured, scared, and unsure about what to do. You may have lost a loved one. This emotional chaos and stress can cause you to miss important things that could help your case later. You could also make a mistake that creates legal difficulties and makes it harder to fight the insurance companies. The experienced attorneys at Proner & Proner are experts and specialize in NYC motorcycle accident cases. They are here to help guide you through this stressful situation step by step.

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Step 1: Find a Safe Place and Get Necessary Medical Attention

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, the first thing you should always do is get to safety and seek medical attention immediately. If you have been injured in any serious way, or if you have hit your head (which could result in brain damage or internal bleeding that may not be immediately noticeable), go to the nearest hospital or urgent care center. Nothing is more important than your health and general well-being.

Step 2: Report the Motorcycle Accident to the New York City Police Department

After ensuring your own health and safety, it is important to immediately call and report your motorcycle accident to the local NYC police. If you are not suffering from any serious injuries, you can do this once you are in a safe place off the road. The officers should make sure to file the report in detail and get all needed information. You can also contact police on the way to a medical facility if you have suffered injuries and were unable to remain at the accident scene.

Step 3: Gather as Much Evidence as Possible from the Motorcycle Accident

If you are not suffering from serious injuries and you have not hit your head during the accident, it is important to try and gather as much information and evidence of your own. Police officers can make mistakes. Having more evidence means a better chance to have a successful claim and get the most money from it. If you are unable to get evidence from the scene, you can always ask the police to gather anything you think they might not otherwise look for.

Take pictures of the entire scene and both vehicles in detail, draw a diagram showcasing what occurred while it is fresh in your mind, and get witness testimonies and their contact information if any witnesses are on the scene. Also, get the other party’s information, including insurance policy, license plate number, name, and contact information, etc. Additionally, you should determine if the car had a dashboard cam and make sure to obtain that video or get the police to do so.

Step 4: Keep and Gather Any Other Records or Information About Your NY Motorcycle Accident

There is evidence to be collected besides the evidence from the scene of the motorcycle accident. Hold on to any medical bills, therapy bills, prescription medication, expenditures for help like maids or babysitters, late bill fees, ambulance fees, records of follow-up appointments, property damage assessments, lost wages, and even time taken by family to help you. Time is money and you can be compensated for it. Anything that has been a direct result of the motorcycle accident — meaning anything that costs you time, money, or future benefits — can count toward your settlement. It can also be helpful to take photos of your injuries over time and create a medical journal documenting your experiences and your road to recovery. Details like this can more accurately show the suffering the motorcycle accident has caused you.

Step 5: Contact the Experienced NY Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Proner & Proner as Soon as Possible

BEFORE contacting the other person’s insurance company, contact an experienced New York City motorcycle accident lawyer at Proner & Proner. You want to make sure you know all your rights, the laws, and what your options are. Insurance companies are NOT your friends and will look for loopholes or ways to decrease the settlement offer. You have no legal obligation to continue with any lawyer you call, and Proner & Proner offers free consultations and has the expertise to get you the information you need. Plus, did you know that people who use lawyers to settle their motorcycle accident claims often get 3x the amount of money?

The experienced New York City attorneys at Proner & Proner can help you get a settlement offer from either the person’s insurance company or from yours. After all details are on the table and the initial offer is received, you and Mitchell Proner can work together to decide whether to go to court or to work with the insurance company to get you the best possible settlement.

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Important Things to Be Aware of in NY Motorcycle Accident Claims

Always get an initial check-up after the motorcycle accident and keep up with any recommended medical appointments and/or treatment, as insurance companies can claim your injuries aren’t from the accident if you fail to do so. Also, be aware that there is a time limit (statute of limitations) for filing, so talk to a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

There are also many things you should consider before suing, including liability, injury level, insurance policies of both parties, presence of any medical issues, damages to the motorcycle, and any financial and personal burdens brought on as a result of the motorcycle accident.

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Finally, be aware that most New York motorcycle accidents never go to court. The skilled lawyers at Proner & Proner use the gathered evidence and their skills to get insurance companies to give you the best offer you should receive, without needing to file a lawsuit. Regardless of whether you go to court, however, rest assured that if you choose Proner & Proner to assist with your NY motorcycle accident claim, you will be in the best possible legal hands.

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