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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in NY?

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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in New York?

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in NYC Help Clients Resolve Claims Efficiently and as Quickly as Possible

Estimating the amount of time that will pass in your NY motorcycle accident case before you get your settlement can be challenging. It can all happen very quickly when you have strong evidence and quality lawyers on your side, or it can be delayed and dragged out due to difficult defendants, poor communication with insurance companies, unclear or hard-to-obtain evidence, etc. Although most motorcycle accident victims in NYC, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens want to get their claims over with as soon as possible, the timing involved is something you won’t usually be able to control.

With the proper evidence, organization, and patience, the New York City attorneys at Proner & Proner can get you the financial coverage you need for the costs related to your motorcycle accident injuries. Call or email to work with us, and we will do our best to make your claim a fast, efficient, and successful one.

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Factors That Affect Timeframes for NY Motorcycle Accident Claim Settlements

There are three major areas of a motorcycle accident case that tend to determine how long it will take to receive a proper claim settlement for your injuries: medical treatment, evidence gathering, and insurance company response times. Each of these areas is often out of the injured motorcyclist’s control, so patience can be key to getting the compensation you really need.

Medical Treatment

You don’t want to go to court for a settlement before you know exactly how much coverage you are going to need. Depending on the severity of your injuries or medical conditions, treatment can take quite a long time. (Sometimes, future costs must be estimated to avoid going past the statute of limitations.) There are a wide variety of costs that can be incurred medically, including appointments, follow-ups, hospital stays, surgeries, anesthesia, testing, medication, physical therapy, psychological assessment and treatment, reconstruction, etc.

Different injuries take different times to show themselves or for the victim to fully recover. For instance, having road rash is quite a bit different from broken bones, which is even more different from a complicated situation involving facial reconstruction or burn recovery (and often involving many consecutive surgeries).

Gathering the Evidence

Professionals all work at different speeds, and analyzing a motorcycle accident scenario scientifically and thoroughly can take time. Analyzing and inspecting a motorcycle or car after an accident for stats, airbag functionality, speed, etc. often must be conducted to get important evidence. Witnesses are not always immediately available for testimonies, and we must work around their schedules. Timeframes can also be determined by how complicated the situation is and how difficult certain professionals or witnesses are to work with.

Response from Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often purposefully give NY motorcycle accident victims and their legal support a hard time. They don’t want to pay out for their liable party, so they typically have their own strong legal support working diligently to disprove liability for the motorcycle accident. They also will purposefully delay responses to give themselves more time for evidence gathering or to simply to delay payment and increase the pressure on the motorcycle accident victim to settle.

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We know your time is important to you. Legal situations in NY motorcycle accident cases can be long and strenuous. Let the NYC attorneys at Proner & Proner help ease your stress. We are organized, experienced, and have the workforce and financial assets behind us to handle cases quickly and efficiently. Most motorcycle accident cases never even go to court, which means insurance companies will usually cooperate with proper legal defense. Our team of dedicated attorneys can help you get back on your feet. Call or email us today.

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