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Defective NYC Motorcycle Accidents and What to Do

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Defective New York City Motorcycle Accidents and What to Do

How to Handle a New York Motorcycle Accident Involving Defective Parts

Due to the lack of extra safety features that a driver inside a car or truck may have, a defective part can have a much more drastic effect on a person riding a motorcycle. There are no airbags, cushioning, or seat belts in a motorcycle, so when a part malfunction occurs, it can easily result in a motorcycle accident and serious injuries or death for the rider. If you are not suing based on a large-scale recall situation for defective parts, it can be a lot more difficult and may require a skilled NY lawyer to be by your side. Call Proner & Proner in New York City today at 212-500-1003 for a free consultation about your defective motorcycle accident case!

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Manufacturing Mistakes and Accident-Causing Designs in NY Motorcycle Accident Cases

Although a mistake can be made at any step in the motorcycle manufacturing process, defective parts usually come from either product design mistakes or errors in the physical production of the product.

Some common examples of motorcycle part manufacturing mistakes include:

  • Failing to make sure a motorcycle is balanced and steady, weight is evenly distributed, and wheels and parts hold up a rider’s weight properly and evenly.
  • Ignition sources being placed too close to fuel tanks, resulting in explosions or fires.
  • Use of substandard materials that are not of high-enough quality to secure different parts properly to the motorbike or that result in poor performance. Quickly expiring products can also be an issue.

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The Most Common Types of Defective Motorcycle Parts

Although any part of a motorcycle having a manufacturing problem or defective part can result in a serious motorcycle accident, there are certain parts that tend to result in accidents more often and that are more commonplace.

The most common types of motorcycle defects include:

  • Defective brake pads, often leading to loss of brake power.
  • Defective seat brackets, hinges on adjustable seats, or bolts holding seat to frame.
  • Defective tires that can result in blowouts and cause the rider to lose control of the bike.
  • Handlebar defects that affect steering.
  • Engine defects that can cause engine sputtering or sudden cut off.
  • Fuel tank defects resulting in fires, explosions, and failed engines.

Famous Motorcycle Part Failures and Recalls by Big Companies

There have been many major motorcycle recalls over the years by big motorcycle companies who are far from immune to manufacturing errors. Lawsuits regarding publicly announced recalls also tend to be a lot easier to file a claim for due to the clear evidence of defective parts. Often, defective parts are to blame in serious motorcycle accidents when there are no other factors in play to blame.

Fuel system failures have generated some major motorcycle recalls over the years. In 2008, Harley-Davidson recalled over 47,000 of its bikes due to fuel filter shells that easily cracked and caused a decrease in fuel pressure. Kawasaki had an issue the same year, recalling thousands of bikes due to leaky fuel tanks. Fuel system failures are extremely dangerous as they can cause fires and explosions. Changes in pressure can easily cause someone to lose control and crash their motorcycle, as well.

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Faulty seat parts were the cause of several other recalls between 2000 and 2005. These are also especially dangerous situations, as a loose seat can easily result in a rider falling off their motorcycle and cause serious injuries or even death. In 2005, Yamaha had to recall 190,000 of their motorbikes due to a faulty rear-mounting bracket. The seats on their motorcycles were actually coming loose and falling off of the bike frame. BMW had a similar issue with adjustable brackets in 2000. The faulty part could have resulted in a loose backrest to the seat and caused balance issues for the rider.

Important Tips for How to Handle a New York Motorcycle Accident Involving Defective Parts

Usually, when a motorcycle ends up in an accident, the bike is severely damaged or completely totaled. Often, insurance companies will attempt to take the damaged motorcycle away for their own analysis, which makes discovering such defects and having a proper case very difficult to achieve. If you are in a motorcycle accident in New York City and believe for any reason that it could have been caused by a defective part, DO NOT let anyone else take your motorbike.

Do what you can to have it taken away by your own lawyers or by road side support. Get it towed to a trusted location for analysis. Unless you actually can provide evidence for a defective part, you will likely have no case.

It is also important to note that these cases can often be difficult because the injured rider is going up against big companies. Unless there was a clearly announced recall due to defective parts, it will be harder to file a claim against the company, and it will probably require an experienced NYC motorcycle accident attorney to take on your case.

Defective Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Fight for Those with Medical Costs and Serious Injuries in NYC Motorbike Crashes

The NYC motorcycle crash lawyers of Proner & Proner understand that it can be difficult to gather the proper evidence and find the liable parties for your New York motorcycle accident case. When dealing with a defective motorcycle accident case, you need lawyers who have the connections to gather professional evidence and the skill to prove liability. Call us today at 212-500-1003 or contact us online to get free initial legal counsel on your New York City motorcycle accident case and advisement on the best next steps.

Motorcycle Accident Verdicts & Settlements

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