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DUI Accidents

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DUI Accident Lawyers New York

New York City Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Represents Victims of NY DUI Crashes

Drunk driving is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents in New York City and throughout NY. Despite increasingly strict penalties for drivers who operate motor vehicles while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, drunk drivers continue to kill and injure thousands of people every year. Victims suffer injuries ranging from back and neck injuries to spinal cord damage and paralysis.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a DUI accident in NYC, you may be eligible for compensation. At Proner & Proner, Attorney Mitchell Proner helps victims of drunk driving accidents obtain the compensation they need and deserve. With years of experience with drunk driving accidents, Attorney Proner mobilizes the resources of the firm to investigate fully. This includes working with accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, and others to determine how the crash occurred and the impact it had on your life. Contact Proner & Proner in New York City today to discuss your case and to find out if you are eligible to seek compensation for your losses. For a free consultation, call or fill out the online contact form. There is no cost or obligation—just the opportunity to learn about your rights and legal options.

Why Hire an Attorney for Your New York City DUI Accident Claim?

Insurance companies work hard to limit how much they pay out, often offering a victim far less than the case is worth. That’s where an experienced New York personal injury attorney can help. When a knowledgeable accident lawyer represents car accident victims in NYC, the victims stand a much better chance of obtaining full compensation.

Insurance Claim or Civil Lawsuit? Get Advice from NYC Law Firm Proner & Proner

Proner & Proner is a New York City personal injury law firm that will aggressively pursue the insurance company or file a civil lawsuit to obtain the maximum compensation possible in your DUI accident case. Attorney Proner will work to prove that the other driver had a blood alcohol content (BAC) above .08 percent. Depending on the case, proof that the defendant’s BAC exceeded .08 percent may allow the victim to seek punitive damages, as well as economic and noneconomic damages. When talking with you about your case, Attorney Proner will discuss the different approaches to a drunk driving accident claim.

Proving That the Other Driver Was Drunk

To prove that the other motorist in your NYC drunk driving accident was intoxicated, Mr. Proner will seek out witnesses who can testify to the driver’s behavior in a bar or club before getting behind the wheel. Attorney Proner will also interview any witnesses of the accident itself, as well as police officers and emergency medical personnel. This will allow him to paint a full picture of the auto accident and build a strong case for compensation on your behalf.

Take the First Step. Call the New York DUI Attorneys at Proner & Proner to Learn About Your Rights. Free Consultation.

If a drunk driver injured you in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or anywhere else in New York, don’t hesitate to find out about your rights and legal options. Call Proner & Proner to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Contact us by phone or fill out the online contact form to set up an appointment.

Attorney Mitchell Proner serves clients throughout New York State and Connecticut. He also handles DUI accident cases throughout the United States.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Verdicts & Settlements

Proner & Proner’s experienced car accident attorneys win big verdicts and settlements for seriously injured clients. In some cases, clients have won millions of dollars in compensation. Some of our major cases are listed below.

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