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Bus Accident Lawyers NY

New York City Bus Accident Attorneys Help NY MTA Victims Get Compensated for Serious Injuries

Buses are essential to every major city’s transportation system, providing around two million rides each day in in the NYC area alone. The local and express routes take people to work, to shopping destinations, and out on the town. In addition to the city buses, there are numerous private bus companies operating the same system. Given the number of passengers carried by bus in New York City and Brooklyn, it is not surprising that hundreds of accidents and deaths happen every year. Some of these are not “accidental”; instead, they are the result of another person’s negligence. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help Brooklyn bus accident victims determine liability and explore their legal options.

When bus riders are seriously injured because of the misconduct or negligent behavior of another party, the victims need to find out about their rights and their legal options. They may be eligible for compensation for their injuries, lost income, and other costs related to the NYC bus accident. At the law firm of Proner & Proner, Attorney Mitchell Proner and the other members of his legal team help people injured because of a bus accident. Give us a call or contact us online to find out if you are eligible to be compensated for your Brooklyn bus accident. The phone call and consultation are free and come with no obligation.

Causes of Bus Accidents in Manhattan, NY

Negligent bus accidents are similar to other motor vehicle accidents that are caused by inattentive, drunk, or distracted drivers who do not pay attention to the rules of the road. Some examples include a driver who:

  • Fails to check mirrors when pulling out of a parking space or bus stop
  • Fails to be sure that all passengers have exited the bus before pulling away
  • Speeds
  • Uses cell phone
  • Engages in conversation
  • Fails to signal turns
  • Runs red lights
  • Fails to yield to pedestrians, cyclists, and other motor vehicles

Other causes of accidents include bus companies that hire untrained or unscreened drivers and that fail to maintain equipment properly. Additionally, allowing drivers to work long shifts in violation of labor laws can negligently put a fatigued driver behind the wheel of a bus.

Challenges of Bus Accident Claims in Queens and Brooklyn, NY

Buses operating on the streets are owned by many different entities. Some are part of the city’s Transportation Authority, while some are owned by other governmental agencies such as cities and towns in New Jersey and upstate. Additionally, private companies such as charter buses and tour buses own and operate other vehicles. This variety of owners and operators sometimes makes it difficult to find out who is responsible for the bus accident.

Call an Experienced NYC Bus Accident Attorney to Schedule a Free Consultation

Attorney Mitchell Proner knows how to investigate bus accidents in New York City, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and elsewhere in NY. He understands the challenges of filing claims against public agencies such as the MTA. Most importantly, Attorney Proner knows what you are going through after being injured in a bus accident. Rest assured that he will work hard to obtain maximum compensation for you. Contact him by phone or by filling out the online contact form.

Attorney Mitchell Proner serves bus accident clients throughout New York State and Connecticut. He also handles cases throughout the United States.

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