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Erb’s Palsy Lawyers New York

Compassionate Legal Counsel for Families with Children Who Suffer from Erb’s Palsy Due to Medical Malpractice in NY

Erb’s palsy is a form of brachial palsy, a condition in which nerve damage causes partial or complete paralysis of the arm of a newborn. The most common cause of Erb’s palsy is shoulder dystocia. Although most children recover from Erb’s palsy within the first six months of their lives, those who do not generally require surgery and may be permanently impaired.

All birth injuries are unfortunate, but those that could have been prevented can be even more unfortunate. The Brooklyn medical malpractice lawyers of Proner & Proner have the expertise to represent families whose children have been harmed by negligent doctors, nurses, and other delivery room personnel. Too often, serious birth injuries such as Erb’s palsy are the result of foreseeable complications that could, and should, have been resolved by quick acting, competent healthcare professionals.

Child Suffers From Erb’s Palsy Due To Medical Malpractice And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

If your newborn suffers from Erb’s palsy, our Brooklyn birth injury and medical malpractice attorneys can evaluate your case and advise you of your legal rights and options. Please contact Proner & Proner in NYC to schedule a consultation with the premier medical malpractice lawyers in the state of New York.

Symptoms of Erb’s Palsy

If you notice that your infant rarely or never moves one of his or her arms, there is a good possibility that he or she suffers from some form of brachial palsy. Erb’s palsy affects both the upper and lower arm. Your infant may exhibit limited or no lower arm movement. If your infant seems unable to move his or her hand, he or she may suffer from a different form of brachial palsy known as Klumpke paralysis.
The Brooklyn medical malpractice attorneys of Proner & Proner are equipped to handle the full range of birth injury cases, including those involving Erb’s palsy and Klumpke paralysis.

Get Advice From An Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer. All You Have To Do Is Call 212-500-1003 To Receive Your Free Case Evaluation.

Medical Errors That Can Result in Erb’s Palsy

Some births present unforeseeable challenges that even the most highly trained and experienced medical professionals may not be able to meet. However, some birth difficulties are typical, predictable, and, in competent hands, fairly easily resolved. One of the most common ways to avoid foreseeable complications in the baby’s passage through the birth canal is to perform a caesarean section (or “C-section”). The failure to perform a C-section in a timely manner can lead to shoulder dystocia, the most common cause of Erb’s palsy.

Improper handling of the baby’s delicate body, such as excessive pulling on the shoulders, can also cause severe damage to the brachial nerves, resulting in Erb’s palsy.

Discuss Your Erb’s Palsy Case with Our NYC Birth Injury Attorneys

To schedule an evaluation of your Erb’s palsy case, please contact the birth injury and medical malpractice attorneys of the law firm of Proner & Proner today. Our experienced Brooklyn lawyers handle the full range of birth injury and medical malpractice cases, including those involving Klumpke paralysis and other brachial injuries.

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