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Defective Medical Devices

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Defective Medical Device Lawyers New York

Taking a Stand for Victims Injured by Defective Medical Devices in New York

Defective medical devices seriously injure or kill hundreds of Americans each year. The defective medical device attorneys of the New York City law firm of Proner & Proner have the experience to provide committed, aggressive, and effective legal counsel to injured victims and their families after such an injury.

To schedule an evaluation of your case, please contact our defective medical device attorneys in New York City today.  We will stand up for you, even against the nation’s largest and most powerful manufacturers of medical devices.

About Medical Device Defects

In general, advancements in medical devices have led to substantial improvements to the health and quality of life of the nation’s citizens. Unfortunately, however, defective medical devices, while they may be rare, have had devastating and even deadly effects, harming the very people they were designed to help. Those affected by defective medical products do have recourse under the law. With the aid of a qualified personal injury attorney, victims of defective medical devices can seek compensation for losses and expenses stemming from their injuries.

As with other product liability cases in NY, cases involving defective medical devices can be built upon three possible types of defects: design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects. A claim can also be filed against a company that failed to properly test a product prior to making it available to the public, as well as any company that minimized or deliberately ignored potential risks involved in the use of the device.

Types of Defective Medical Devices

Our defective medical device & medical malpractice attorneys in Manhattan, New York routinely handle defective product claims involving such medical devices as:

  • Coated heart valves
  • Knee or hip replacements
  • Heart devices, such as pacemakers
  • Blood glucose meters
  • Incontinence devices
  • Dental sealants and implants
  • Devices used in eye surgery, such as lasers

Defective product claims may also be filed when people are harmed by products used in cosmetic surgery, such as breast implants. Action can be taken against multiple defendants if more than one party is responsible for the defect in the medical device.

In most product liability cases, the legal doctrine of strict liability applies. According to this doctrine, a personal injury lawyer does not have to give evidence of a specific act of negligence on the part of the defendant or defendants, as the flaw in the product is sufficient evidence of negligence in and of itself.

Contact Our New York Defective Medical Device Attorneys

To learn more about your rights if you or someone you love has been injured due to a defective medical device, please contact our attorneys in New York City today.

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