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Have you recently had a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property in the Bronx? If you got hurt because of a dangerous condition on the premises, you may be entitled to compensation. Don’t let the negligent property owner off the hook. Contact Proner & Proner Attorneys at Law and discover how our award-winning Bronx slip and fall lawyers can help you fight to get every cent you deserve.

Since 1958, our law firm has been providing top-level legal representation to injury victims in the Bronx and across New York City, NY. We’re dedicated to giving our clients a voice and making sure that their stories are told. Our results speak for themselves. We’ve won over $400 million on behalf of deserving clients just like you.

Now we’re ready to stand up and fight for you. Contact our Bronx law office to speak with a member of our renowned legal team today. Your first consultation is 100 percent free.

How can a Bronx personal injury lawyer help with your slip and fall accident?

Property owners won’t be quick to admit fault or accept responsibility for your slip and fall accident. Their insurance company will work hard to deny your claim or limit your financial recovery. You’ll need to give yourself every advantage to win your slip and fall accident case.

Hiring an experienced Bronx personal injury lawyer from Proner & Proner can give you the edge you need to get the money you deserve.

Our lawyers are nationally recognized trial attorneys with a demonstrated ability to win tough premises liability claims like yours. For over 50 years, we’ve stood up to powerful corporations, insurance companies, businesses, and well-funded defendants, winning life-changing settlements and verdicts for our clients in the process.

When you choose Proner & Proner, you come first. We’re not just your attorneys, we’re the system of support and guidance you need to get through this difficult time.

While you focus on recovering from your slip and fall accident injuries, we will take care of every detail of your case:

  • Investigate your accident to identify the hazardous condition that caused you to fall and get hurt
  • Gather evidence that supports your claim for damages, including photographs, video footage, witness statements, property inspection records, and physical evidence from the scene
  • Defend you against victim-blaming strategies that could hurt your chances of a full financial recovery
  • Consult with specialists and experts as we investigate, build, and value your case
  • Help you make difficult decisions, including whether it’s best to accept an insurance company’s settlement offer or push forward for a potentially better result at trial

Personal injury cases can take time. Our goal will be to get you a settlement that reflects how much your slip and fall injury is worth as soon as we can. However, we’ll never advise you to leave money on the negotiating table if we think there’s a chance we can do better. Our top-rated Bronx trial attorneys will be fully prepared to bring your case to a jury, if necessary.

Call our law office serving the Bronx, NY to learn more about your legal options and how we can help you get through this tough time. Your first consultation is free, so contact us today.

What Our Clients Say

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We handle all types of slip and fall accidents cases in the Bronx

No matter where you fall and get hurt, our experienced personal injury attorneys will be ready to help you stand up and fight to hold the owner accountable.

We represent clients who have suffered slip and fall accidents at:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Big box stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Fine Fare, Foodtown, Stop and Shop, and other Bronx grocery stores
  • Yankee Stadium
  • The Bronx Zoo
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Museums
  • Construction sites
  • Office buildings
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Parking lots
  • Parking garages
  • Government buildings
  • Schools and daycare centers
  • Universities and colleges

Call our legal team for immediate assistance after you get hurt. We’ll be ready to take on your case and work toward a meaningful financial recovery on your behalf.

Understanding liability in Bronx slip and fall accident cases

Most slip and fall accidents in the New York City and the Bronx can be avoided. Slips and falls tend to happen because of dangerous conditions on the premises. As a guest or visitor, you shouldn’t have to watch your every step or be overly concerned that you’ll get hurt when you’re on someone else’s property.

Under New York State law, that’s a responsibility that falls to the person who owns or manages the property.

When it comes to invitees, Bronx property owners have an obligation to:

  • Inspect premises regularly for potentially hazardous conditions
  • Warn guests about hazards and dangers once they’ve been identified, and
  • Fix and repair dangerous conditions as soon as they can.

If you slip and fall because of a hazardous condition that the owner knew or should have known about, then they could be on the hook for the costs of your injury. 

Liability isn’t limited to the person who owns the property.

Potentially liable parties can include:

  • Landlords
  • Property management companies
  • Government agencies, or
  • Businesses.

Whoever is in control of the premises can be held financially accountable for your slip and fall accident in the Bronx.

What damages can I get if I slip and fall in the Bronx, NY?

Following a slip and fall accident, you should be entitled to compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are awarded to offset your verifiable financial costs and the hard-to-value trauma that results. These are known as economic damages and non-economic damages, respectively.

Proner & Proner will actively seek damages for your:

  • Medical bills (present and future)
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitative services
  • Vocation rehabilitation
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Nursing assistance
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

Our team works closely with experts in every premises liability case. We want to fully understand what causes an accident, how it could have been avoided, who’s at fault, and importantly, what the case is worth.

Experts can provide insight into how your slip and fall injuries will affect your life – now and in the long term. The more information we have, the better prepared we’ll be to negotiate a settlement that accurately reflects the costs and suffering you’ve endured.

Common Slip and fall Accidents Injuries in the Bronx

Whether you slip and fall backward or trip and fall forward, the resulting trauma can be quite severe. Since slips and falls are mostly avoidable, the negligent property owner should be held fully accountable.

Our slip and fall accident attorneys in the Bronx are ready to help you seek damages for your:

  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Puncture wounds
  • Eye injury
  • Dental injury
  • Concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Back injury
  • Neck injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Internal bleeding
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Wrongful death of a loved one after a fatal slip and fall in the Bronx
doctor examining a patients back injury

Call our law office serving the Bronx to discover why you’ll want our award-winning litigators fighting to get you the money you deserve.

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What’s the timeframe for filing a slip and fall accident in New York?

In New York, the statute of limitations for most slip and fall accident lawsuits is three years. However, you’ll have two years to file a wrongful death claim, and just 90 days to file a claim against a negligent government agency in the Bronx.

You have to make sure that your claim is filed before the statute of limitations expires. Once the deadline hits, you’ll give up the right to demand accountability and get the compensation you need.

Calling an experienced slip and fall accident attorney in the Bronx is one of the best things you can do after you get hurt. Contact our law office to get started with a free case evaluation today.

What to do after a slip and fall accident in the Bronx

Believe it or not, the things you do immediately after your slip and fall accident are really important.

Here are four things you absolutely must do after your unexpected trip and fall:

  • Report the accident to the owner or management. You don’t want to give them the opportunity to fix the hazard before it’s formally documented. 
  • Document the hazardous condition. You’ll want proof of the condition that caused you to slip, fall, and get hurt. 
  • Seek medical attention. Your health should be your first priority. Prompt care can limit the risk of complications, infection, and death. Additionally, it can help to document an important causal link between your accident and injuries, which will be essential if you file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. 
  • Contact an attorney. Your attorney can jump into action and work to make sure that the property owner accepts full responsibility for your injuries.

Resist the urge to talk to the owner or an insurance company on your own. They’re not on your side, and they’re not interested in helping you recover. That’s where Proner & Proner Attorneys at Law can help.

Proner & Proner: Slip and fall accident lawyers you can count on

Our Bronx slip and fall lawyers are ready to take on your case to help you get the financial accountability you need and deserve. 

Contact our law office serving the Bronx, New York to learn more. We offer a free consultation and work on contingency. There’s no risk in asking for our help. You pay absolutely nothing unless we win your slip and fall accident case. Call to get started with your free initial case evaluation today.

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