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Work-related risks for construction workers you need to know

Construction workers are dedicated to building, demolishing, and renovating large structures such as houses, office buildings, factories, hospitals, bridges, etc. They can do a ton of different types of work, from cleaning hazardous waste to installing the electricity system in a whole building.

Construction’s occupations may vary from carpenters, electricians, labourers, maintenance workers, painters, plumbers, metal workers, to operating engineers and many other professions. It is a complicated area of business, and it involves many risks for everyone who works at it.

Most common risks for construction workers

–       Falling from heights, especially from scaffolding and ladders. 

 –       Working with dangerous, heavy pieces of equipment

– Physical injuries and pain due to the repetition of the same work tasks and uncomfortable positions

–    Exposure to toxic or hazardous materials and substances such as lead, asbestos (which can even cause cancer), solvents, wood dust, mold, fungi, and even dangerous animals.

–       Exposure to extreme temperatures and UV radiation

–       Excess vibration in hands and arms due to the equipment, that could cause severe damage to the bones

–       Working in confined spaces

–       Extreme, constant noises that can cause hearing problems in a long-term basis

–       Electrical hazards

–       Working with heavy, dangerous equipment such as cranes

–       Slip and falls

–       Respiratory hazards from wood dust and many other substances

–       Long, exhausting shifts

–       Machinery malfunction

Among many others.

To avoid having more incidents and more injured employees, contractors and companies should take measures to reduce these risks, such as suitable training for their construction workers, especially on how to be careful when working on heights and with dangerous equipment.

Workers should be under constant supervision, and the safety protocol demanded by law should be followed. Precautions such as assembling at floor level and not at a height level, using a safety net for heights, using machinery with beeps or lights to warn about movement, and using safety equipment like visibility jackets should be taken.

Additionally, there should be footpaths established to avoid falls and slips, which are one of the most common reasons for injury in the construction business.

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What to do after a construction accident?

Even when the safety protocol is being followed and employees are fully trained and taking precautions, accidents can happen. Therefore, and due to the existence of these many risks, every employee has the right by law to receive Workers’ Compensation and to file a lawsuit against a third party, if the general contractor or property owner are at-fault for the accident.

After the accident, the best steps to follow would be to contact an attorney to handle your case the best way possible, they can either file your Workers’ Compensation Claim, or start a lawsuit depending on your case. 

If you or someone close to you is a construction worker, keep in mind that at Proner & Proner, we are here for you and we could provide a complete assessment of your case if you had an accident or are having any health issue related to your work. We have years of experience as construction accident lawyers, and we will make sure to enforce your rights.

If you have any questions or are looking for a lawyer to assess your case, give us a call at 1800 321 1234. We are available for you 24/7 through our telephone line, or you can fill out the form on our webpage to schedule an appointment. At Proner & Proner, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.

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