Proner and Proner Obtains $3.3 Million Settlement for Injured Undocumented Ecuadorian Construction Worker.

3.3 Million Construction Accident Settlement

An undocumented construction worker is now a multi-millionaire thanks to the hard work of Proner & Proner, who achieved a major settlement in his lawsuit this month.

The 29-year-old Ecuadorian worked as a plumber in a new building in Brooklyn. One of his colleagues moved the scaffolding he was working on; he suffered a fall in which he hit his head and was immediately taken to a hospital. A year after the accident, his neck pain continued, for which he had to undergo surgery.

Numerous enterprises were sued on his behalf, including the building’s owners. All those involved claimed that the worker exaggerated his injuries, alluding that these did not prevent him from returning to work, despite the fact that his medical diagnosis confirmed that he could not do so. Ultimately, the attorneys at Proner and Proner were successful and settled their case for $3,300,000.00 (3.3 million dollars). Three insurance companies participated in the settlement.

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