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Which Workers Are at Greatest Risk for Injuries on Construction Sites?

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Which Workers are at Greatest Risk for Injuries on New York Construction Sites?

There are many, many ways that a construction worker can get seriously hurt on the job. With complex machinery, dangerous tools, heavy loads, and hazardous materials around every corner, it is no wonder that 5,190 workers were killed on the job nationwide in 2016. That adds up to 14 hard working, American lives lost every single day. The attorneys at Proner & Proner have worked numerous cases over the years involving high-risk construction incidents. If you want an experience and compassionate attorney working your case, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact Proner & Proner today for a free consultation on your construction accident injury claim.

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The Fatal Four Risk Factors on New York Construction Sites

With the constant dangers and the alarming statistics involving fatalities and injuries in the construction industry, the OSHA researched and identified the “Fatal Four”, which are defined as the four most common causes of death for construction workers in the United States (making up 63.7% of the deaths in 2016).

The causes and accompanying percentages of construction worker deaths are as follows:

  • Falls – accounts for a whopping 38.7% of construction industry fatalities
  • Struck by an Object – 9.4% of construction industry fatalities
  • Electrocutions – 8.3% of construction industry fatalities
  • Caught-in/between – 7.3% of construction industry fatalities (This category includes those killed when caught-in or compressed by equipment or objects, and struck, caught, or crushed in collapsing structure, equipment, or materials)

Common Serious Injuries That Occur on NY Construction Sites Associated with The Fatal Four Risk Factors

Being that these four scenarios result in the most deaths in the construction industry, it isn’t surprising that the Fatal Four are also associated with a lot of serious injuries in the aftermath of an accident. The following are some of the most common serious injuries associated with the Fatal Four:

  • Traumatic brain injuries including concussions
  • Heart Attack from Electrocution
  • Debilitating back and spinal injuries
  • Paralysis, total or partial
  • Limb amputation
  • Damage to internal organs resulting from crush injuries
  • Blunt trauma injuries
  • Crushed or Shattered Bones and Skull Fractures
  • Torn Ligaments and Muscles
  • Disfigurement
  • Coma
  • Death

Prevention Protects New York Workers at Greatest Risk

If one thing is very clear, the Fatal Four are seriously dangerous incidents to find yourself in while on the job in New York City. With the height of the buildings being worked on, falls and falling objects are only more deadly as well. With how many lives these incidents claim, prevention and following OSHA regulations and guidelines is all the more crucial.

The following are some of the best preventative measures to take to prevent accidents involving the Fatal Four:

  1. Preventing Fall Incidents –
    • Providing guardrails and toe-boards around any and all elevate open sided platforms, floors, runways, scaffolding, and around dangerous and/or heavy machinery and equipment.
    • Always wear safety harnesses and lines when required.
    • Include safety nets, stair railings, and handrails if required for the job site.
    • Select and provide OSHA required personal protective equipment to works.
    • Properly train all employees about job hazards clearly and effectively.
  2. Preventing Struck-by-Object Incidents –
    • Wear safety goggles, glasses, or face shields when using power tools and specified equipment and make sure the guards are not faulty or in poor condition.
    • Properly secure tools and materials using toe boards, screens, and debris nets.
    • Avoid working directly under areas where construction work is being done from above or loads are being lifted and/or suspended.
    • Always verify that heavy equipment and machine operators can see you and stay out of their way.
    • Always wear a hardhat in a construction work zone.
  3. Preventing Electrocution Incidents –
    • Provide proper safety training regarding electrical equipment and hazards.
    • Provide necessary Personal protective equipment (PPE) and reinforce the importance of always wearing them regardless of experience level or being slower when doing a task.
    • Make sure PPE has an arc rating equal or greater than the calculated incident energy
    • Carefully inspect electrical outlets and plugs. Do not handle or use equipment and cords with stripped and exposed wire.
    • Be careful walking near electrical equipment with puddles or a wet environment.
  4. Preventing Caught-in-Between Incidents –
    • Be familiar with equipment to know where the pinch, sheer, wrap, and crush points are located, as well as pull-in areas.
    • Make sure equipment is shut down before doing any repairs or inspections and secure wheels on equipment that could roll when stationary.
    • Focus on the task and the people around you when operating heavy machinery and equipment.
    • Especially watch out for those who are carrying objects that could obstruct their view from seeing you operating the machine.
    • Encourage the wearing of close-fitting clothing and pulling back long hair into buns.
    • Discourage the wear of loose clothing, jewelry, or anything that could get caught when sticking out.

Contact a Quality New York Lawyer at the Offices of Proner & Proner for Free Initial Legal Guidance on Your Construction Accident Injury Case

Whenever you are working in a construction zone, you are surrounded by danger. Prevention is key, but you can’t control the negligence of others. If you find yourself the victim of any accident that has seriously injured, getting a quality injury attorney is key. The lawyers at Proner & Proner can help you navigate Workers’ Compensation, fully analyze your accident scenario, and help you get the compensation you need to recover and get back to work. Contact us online today for a free initial consultation regarding your construction accident injury claim. We have offices in New York, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and throughout the state of New York. We have also represented clients suffering accidents throughout the United States.

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