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What to do in a construction accident if you are undocumented in the USA?

Living in a country like the United States when it is not your birth country can be scary enough, not to mention the added concern of being deported to your own country after everything you have been through to get here. Apart from all that, there is the unpredictable possibility of a construction accident in your job.

Construction is one of the areas in which there are more accidents on a daily basis, it involves many risks for the workers, who are mostly from the Latino community. Therefore, if you suffered a construction accident and you are in the United States with an illegal migratory status, we have good news for you.

In the state of New York, there are laws that protect the people who have suffered work accidents, regardless of their migratory status. You, as any other person born in this country, have the right to start a workers’ compensation claim or a third party lawsuit (according to your case) without having to fear being deported.

What should I do after a construction accident?

The first thing you have to do is call an ambulance. Getting medical assistance is always the priority for several reasons. First, because your health will always be the most important thing, and second, because medical evidence is the most important proof to get you a higher compensation and strengthen your case.

Especially if the injury was serious, it is essential to wait for the ambulance where the accident happened, as many employers try to make it look like the accident did not occur at work. It is important to have evidence that the ambulance picked you up at the scene, although if it is not possible to wait for the ambulance, you should go directly to the hospital or doctor.

When you attend the doctor’s office, remember to tell the truth about both your personal information and about every injury you are feeling, even if they are small. Remember that you have rights and are protected under the law, even if you are in the country with an illegal migratory status.

On some occasions, the employer tells the worker that he should not say that the accident was at work because he is undocumented. Not having documents has nothing to do with you receiving your compensation, do not be afraid to tell the truth.

If possible, take photos and videos of the place where you work and of the situation where the accident happened. It is also important that you know the exact address where you work; you can keep it in a text message on your phone, since that will also be helpful as evidence for your case.

Call us today at 1 800 321 1234 or chat with us. The consultation is completely free and we only charge a fee if we win the case.

Don’t worry about medical expenses

We know that medical expenses in the States can be scary, and it is a reason why many people do not call the ambulance right after their accident, but by initiating your claim in New York, it is very likely that you will soon receive benefits to cover medical expenses. Consider these expenses paid, as compensation for medical expenses is very easy to obtain because construction accidents are very preventable.

In any accident case, it is essential that you hire an experienced attorney who can help explain how the law applies to your specific case, and even better if they speak your language. Remember that at Proner & Proner, we speak your language, we offer free consultation, and we can help you regardless of your migratory status. Our accident lawyers are ready to fight for you. Contact us at 1800 321 1234.

The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.

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