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Housing Boom in New York City Leading to Increase in Construction Accidents

Housing Boom in New York City Leading to Increase in Construction AccidentsHousing Boom in New York City Leading to Increase in Construction Accidents

According to statistics released by the New York City Buildings Department, eight people were killed in construction accidents in the first seven months of 2018. This is compared to just four deaths in the same time period in 2017. The deaths have doubled, and injuries on construction sites have increased by 17 percent, as the boom in the housing industry continues in the city.

Fatal Construction Accidents in New York City

The NYC Buildings Department said that through July 2018, there were 469 people injured in 457 reported accidents on construction sites in the city. Two of the most recent construction site deaths occurred at two different locations. The first involved a worker being electrocuted to death at a residential project in the West Village. The second involved a piece of scaffolding hitting a worker on Riverside Drive in Morningside Heights, Manhattan.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released workplace accident numbers for 2016, and the number of fatal construction site accidents makes construction the most dangerous job for workers in New York City. Of all the deaths related to NYC work incidents in 2016, 35.7% of them were “hardhats” (workers who have to wear hard hats on the job).

Hardhat Worker Injuries at NYC Construction Sites

Construction site safety may even be getting worse. The New York City Buildings Department said that 50 hardhats have been injured by falling debris on the job this year. In July 2018, falling scaffolding knocked a supervisor unconscious at a construction site on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Last year, the Buildings Department issued an all-time high 168,243 construction permits. At the same time, there were a record number of hardhats working in the city: 45,242. Anyone walking around NYC can see that the city is in the midst of a construction boom by simply looking at all of the skyscrapers being built.

New Laws to Prevent NYC Construction Worker Injuries and Deaths

Last year, the New York City Mayor’s Office imposed some new requirements for hardhats operating in the city. The safety requirements went into effect in October 2017. One of those requirements was that construction workers and industrial workers must attend more training. Moreover, the penalties issued by the NYC Buildings Department have increased, and the agency hired 140 new inspectors at the end of last year to help with enforcement of the building code. Beyond that, a law passed in 2017 requires the New York City Buildings Department to post all construction deaths online. This also goes for all injuries related to construction work in the city.

Free Consultation with an Experienced New York Construction Accident Attorney

Have you been injured on a construction site in New York City, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or anywhere in New York? It’s time to contact the law office of Proner & Proner in NYC. Our experienced attorneys can help you get the financial compensation you need, want, and deserve. Call (212) 500-1003 or email us to schedule a consultation at our NYC office located at 60 East 42nd St, Suite 1448, New York, NY 10165. We also have offices located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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