How to Calculate Damages in Motorcycle Accidents

police at car and motorcycle accident

Motorcycle Accidents

If you are in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to recover damages from the other driver when the collision causes property damage or physical injury. The various types of damages are generally typical for an auto accident and include the circumstances that affect the driver after the crash such as lost wages. However, property damage and personal injury are the primary reasons to seek legal recourse against the driver who is at fault for the crash. Because a passenger or commercial vehicle is larger and heavier than a motorcycle, the wreck usually results in extensive or complete damage to the bike along with serious or grave injuries on the person operating it. The bills and future recovery are often crippling without compensation.

After your crash, you’ll want to seek out a personal injury attorney to guide you through the recovery process and help you obtain all the evidence you might need for litigation or the various insurance companies involved.

Medical Bills And Future Treatments

From the at-fault driver you can recover medical bills paid by you (or an insurance company) and any therapy for future recovery and medications. You may require extensive surgery and therapy to rework bones and muscles and future medical assistance to provide for recovery. Neck, back or head injuries are common in motorcycle crashes, and you as the victim may also suffer from amnesia, paralysis and impairments to motor skills or cognition processes. If you do need future care, be sure to get documentation from medical professionals showing what kind of care you will need and how long you will need it for, to make sure you are properly and completely compensated for your injuries.

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Lost Wages

Sometimes after a crash, a victim’s injuries are so severe that they cannot work for an extended period of time. Sometimes, a person may have sick time provided by their employer to protect their job during their absence. But many people have no coverage to provide for the loss of wages if they cannot be on the job for a extended period of time. Sometimes, a person may lose his or her job and may need to seek a new one. In this case, you are entitled to recover lost wages.

Lost And Damaged Property

If your bike is damaged or totaled in the crash, you are entitled to damages to either repair or replace it. Your attorney will help you calculate how much you are entitled to based on how much it will take to repair the bike, or its value at the time of the crash if it is a total loss. The at-fault driver’s liability insurance often pays for these repairs.

Pain And Suffering

The last category of damages, and the hardest to define, is those funds that a victim can recover for pain and suffering. This is a percentage calculated by legal experts, and the amount is based on how extensive the injuries are and the amount of suffering is involved. There are many factors that are figured into this calculation. The lawyer hired to seek damages may need to determine the fair and reasonable amount based on pain, injuries, loss of limb or motor function and property damage. Pain and suffering generally also includes emotional and psychological harm from the incident. If you feel you might be entitled to these damages, seek the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to help you, otherwise you might not the full amount you are entitled to.

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