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Lawyer for Slip & Fall on Stairways in New York

Respected Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Fight for Clients Injured on Dangerous Stairways Across NYC’s Five Boroughs

New York City is full of stairways—from the subway system to our high-rise style of living, most city residents encounter stairways on a daily basis.  When those stairways are not properly maintained, you can easily slip and fall over hazards on or around the stairs. When someone else’s negligent maintenance causes a stairway slip and fall accident, you deserve to be compensated for that carelessness.

At Proner & Proner, our lead attorney Mitchell Proner has dedicated his career to making sure accident victims get fair compensation for their injuries.  For over 50 years, we have worked hard to protect the financial security of slip and fall accident victims throughout NYC—and we are here to handle every aspect of your case in our fight to get the best results possible.

Injured Due To A Stairway Slip & Fall And Have Questions? We Can Help, Tell Us What Happened.

Despite the fact that NYC property owners have a legal duty to keep stairways in a safe condition, proving these types of slip and fall accident claims can be difficult.  You need the best possible lawyer by your side to advocate for your right to full and fair compensation.

Establishing the Property Owner’s Liability for Dangerous Stairway Slip & Fall Accidents in NYC

Any number of conditions can create a hazardous stairway in NYC.  Stairway slip and fall accidents are often caused by:

  • Accumulated snow and ice on a staircase,
  • Damaged stairway handrails,
  • Broken stairs,
  • Changes to the step levels without adequate warning,
  • Worn surfaces, like holes in mats covering the stairway,
  • Inadequate lighting,
  • Substances spilled on the stairs and not cleared in a reasonable time period,
  • Flawed stairway design.

Unfortunately, to recover compensation, it is not sufficient that you were injured because of a stairway fall on someone else’s property.  It’s also necessary to show that the property owner was negligent and that the negligence somehow caused your slip and fall. 

Generally, you have the right to recover compensation if:

  • The property owner knew about the dangerous condition on the stairway and did not fix it or place adequate warnings, or
  • The property owner reasonably should have known about the dangerous condition on the stairway if the owner had conducted reasonable inspections of the property, and did not fix it or place adequate warnings.

At Proner & Proner, our personal injury lawyers can investigate to identify both the cause and responsible party in your case.  We are ready to put our 50-plus years of combined experience to work for you.

Experienced Injury Lawyers Proner & Proner Dedicated to Getting Results for Clients Injured in NYC Stairway Slip & Fall Accidents

Stairway slip and fall cases are often complicated to prove.  For example, the property owner might try to blame you for the accident—by accusing you of not watching where you were going or failing to use the handrails. 

At Proner & Proner, our accident lawyers are here to make sure your right to fair compensation is protected by providing the strongest counterarguments possible to these potential defenses.  We comprehensively investigate your case to get the best evidence possible to support your claim, which can include:

  • Video surveillance,
  • Photos taken of the dangerous stairway condition,
  • Eyewitness testimony,
  • Reports of safety violations,
  • Testimony of passerby who may be able to confirm existence of the dangerous condition.

We know that you have options and choosing the right lawyer is important.  Some representative examples of our successful claims for compensation include:

  • $3.5 million recovered for our client who suffered a brain injury falling down the subway stairway,
  • $3.5 million recovered for another client who suffered a seizure disorder resulting from a fractured skull after falling down the subway stairway,
  • $3.154 million recovered for a client who fell navigating her way off a bus and injured her ankle, shoulders and wrist.

Get Advice From An Experienced Slip & Fall Lawyer. All You Have To Do Is Call 212-500-1003 To Receive Your Free Case Evaluation.

Every slip and fall accident case is unique—and the amount of damages available for you will depend upon the extent of your injuries and the impact those injuries have on your life.  We will fight to get fair compensation for:

  • Both your past and future medical bills,
  • Past and future lost wages,
  • Loss of your ability to return to work,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and your ability to contribute to your household,
  • Emotional distress,
  • And more, depending upon the specific losses you and your family have suffered.

Stairway slip and fall accidents can produce dramatic injuries as the weight of your body is magnified by gravity when falling from a height.  We are here to fight for your right to a compensation award that fully accounts for the damage caused by your stairway fall.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Discuss Options for Recovering Compensation in Your NYC Stairway Slip & Fall Accident Case

The injuries sustained in a stairway fall can be devastating.  Many victims suffer brain injuries, paralysis and other injuries that can haunt them for years if not permanently.  If you have been the victim of a stairway slip and fall, you need the best possible lawyer by your side to protect your rights.

At Proner & Proner, we stand ready to put our 50-plus years of combined legal expertise to work for you.  To schedule your free case review to explore options for recovering compensation for your stairway fall, call or contact our experienced NYC slip and fall accident lawyers today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stairway Slip & Fall Accident Claims in NYC

FAQ: I fell on an icy stairway and injured myself. Do I have a case for compensation for my slip and fall accident?

The short answer is, maybe. Property owners do have a duty to remove snow and ice from their stairways. However, whether you have a case will hinge upon whether the property owner’s delay in removing (or warning about) the ice was reasonable. There are many ways our lawyers can work to gain evidence that the delay was not reasonable (and so the injury was foreseeable). Call our office today for more information about your specific claim.

FAQ: I was injured when I fell down the stairway in my apartment building. It seemed very dim and was difficult to see where I was placing my feet. Do I have a case?

You might. NYC has specific regulations that address the need for adequate lighting in stairways that serve multiple-residence buildings. If the lighting in your building’s stairway was not sufficient to properly illuminate the stairway, your landlord could be held responsible.

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