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What to Do After an Injury on Someone Else’s Property

Have you been injured?

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Injured on Someone Else’s Property in NY?

Property owners have the legal responsibility to maintain safe conditions on their property. When the owners or their employees fail to do so, and someone is injured as a result, the victim can seek compensation for their expenses and losses. At Proner & Proner, our Manhattan, New York premises liability attorneys have the resources, the experience, and the willingness to investigate and litigate these cases. We utilize some of the nation’s most recognized experts in order to cut through the “red tape” and to determine what happened, how it happened, and how it could have been prevented. Together, we may be able to prevent it from happening to someone else.

If you were injured on someone else’s property in NY, there are certain things you should do to ensure that your rights are properly protected. The more of these things you do, the more likely our Manhattan, New York premises liability attorneys will be able to obtain the full measure of damages to which you are entitled

For further information about premises liability law, please contact the NY personal injury attorneys of Proner & Proner today.

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured on Someone Else’s Property

In order to protect your legal rights and to lay a strong foundation to build your case, we must first collect all of the relevant evidence and be sure that you obtain medical care.

Remember, premises liability cases are different from most other personal injury cases in New York. Most significantly, the evidence in these types of cases can disappear. In order to protect your legal rights and obtain adequate compensation, it is important that you act quickly.

If you have suffered an injury:

  1. Obtain the names and telephone numbers of all witnesses, as well as the property manager and employees;
  2. Document the accident with either an incident report from the property owner or call the police to make a police report;
  3. If feasible, take pictures of the area or condition which caused your injury;
  4. Do not discuss your accident with any insurance company representative; and
  5. Contact the Manhattan, New York premises liability attorneys of Proner & Proner to protect your legal rights and discuss what we can do for you.

Who We Represent in New York

We represent victims of:

  • Slip and fall accidents.
  • Trip and fall accidents.
  • Poor or inadequate security accidents.
  • Faulty building and outdoor fixture design accidents.
  • Obstructions in public walkways accidents.
  • Falling objects accidents.
  • Other negligent acts that cause accidents.

Even in cases where the loss is significant and the liability is clear, the property owner’s insurance company and his or her attorneys will try to minimize his or her costs and resist paying you fair compensation. In order to achieve a positive result in any personal injury action, you must be prepared to go to trial. At the law firm of Proner & Proner, our Manhattan, NY premises liability attorneys strategically protect your rights and aggressively work for your compensation in every case.

Contact Our NYC Premises Liability Attorneys Today

For an evaluation of your premises liability case, please contact the attorneys of Proner & Proner today.

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