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Innocent young children are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of defective products. Many products that are widely available in stores and marketed specifically for young children are shoddily constructed, contain dangerously small parts, or are contaminated with hazardous materials. Families who have been affected by defective children’s products rely on the attorneys of Proner & Proner to represent them aggressively in court. Our experienced New York defective children’s products lawyer has a reputation for achieving outstanding results in the form of high-value verdicts and settlements.

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Children’s products that exhibit defects include:

Playground equipment may be defective if it is poorly designed, shoddily constructed, or maintained in a way that creates hazards. Even a well-supervised child can easily be injured on a play structure that includes potential long drops due to insufficient railings or is not strong enough to safely support the weight of a child.

Incredibly, toys marketed to small children sometimes contain small, removable parts that create a choking hazard. It is normal for children to attempt to put things in their mouth, and they can choke before a supervising adult realizes what is happening.

Along with other defective automotive products, ineffective car seats put countless children at risk each day when they are intended to protect.

A stroller or walker defect, such as faulty brakes, may not be evident until it is too late.

A defective crib or playpen could have sides that are too short, allowing your child to crawl out and fall, sustaining a serious head injury or neck injury or otherwise injuring him- or herself.

If a flimsy high chair or changing table collapses, your child could fall.

Defective clothing could have buttons that come off easily to create a choking hazard. A drawstring or other closure could also cause a child to choke.

Winning Your NY Defective Product Lawsuit

Winning your lawsuit depends on showing how a product is defective, how that defect creates a hazard, and how your child fell victim to that hazard. Almost any defective product lawsuit requires negotiations with large corporations whose time and resources dwarf yours.

At Proner & Proner in New York City, NY, we proudly stand up to these companies on behalf of ordinary families victimized by defective children’s products. Our product liability attorneys know precisely how to negotiate with these companies in order to get you the best possible deal without needless delays.

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