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Doctors Confirm Link Between Head Trauma And Suicide

Concussed adults are up to four times more likely to commit suicide than people with healthy brains, according to a group of Canadian researchers. Brain injuries to athletes and military personnel have long been associated with severe depression and suicidal thoughts, but a similar connection had not been established between civilians and head injuries. So, … Continued

Cash A Check And Slide Into Home

Investigators say that a former postal worker collected over $94,000 in workers’ compensation benefits due to a supposed workplace injury, even though she was healthy enough to play softball in several area leagues. 47-year-old Lynn Allen, of Marcy, was arraigned on five counts in federal court, including wire fraud and workers’ compensation fraud. According to … Continued

Dog On The Loose

A rabid pit bull went on a rampage in New Jersey, biting at least three people and an unknown number of other dogs before passing away himself. Champ, who lived with a family in Aberdeen along with three other dogs, did not have a current rabies vaccination. So far, authorities have confirmed three bites in … Continued

Deadly Large Truck Wreck In Upstate NY

A delivery driver lost control of his tandem tractor-trailer on an icy road and smacked head-on into a passenger car. The wreck took place on Route 13 near the Schuyler-Chemung County line. When first responders arrived at the crash scene, 58-year-old Glenn Marsh, of Odessa, was trapped in his car beneath the other vehicle’s trailer. … Continued

Hackers May Have Infiltrated New York Hotel

For the second time in less than a year, the Trump Hotel chain may have negligently allowed thieves to access its guests’ credit card information. Multiple sources in the financial sector reportedly noticed a fraud pattern which indicated that hackers had accessed credit card information from hotel guests at some, or all, of the Trump … Continued

Huge Construction Crane Topples Onto Downtown Street

A six-story crane collapsed under the weight of a sudden snowstorm in downtown Manhattan, killing one bystander and seriously injuring three others. When the 565-foot construction crane plummeted to the ground, “it felt like an earthquake,” according to NYPD Benevolence treasurer Paul Capotosto, whose building was nearby. Winds exceeded 25mph at the site in the … Continued

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

A little over four years after he was rear-ended by a truck, the family of a deceased Queens man received a $10 million settlement. The crash itself caused only minimal property damage and visible injury, but in the ensuing days, then-46-year-old Anthony DiCiervo lost his appetite and took long daytime naps while suffering from severe … Continued

Rochester Jurist Charged With Drunk Driving

An upstate New York judge was arrested and charged with DUI following a one-car crash that occurred on her way to the courthouse. State district Judge Leticia Astacio was elected to the bench two years ago, ironically after serving in the DUI division of the Monroe County District Attorney’s office. She refused to take a … Continued

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News Channel

Road Rage Incident

Mitchell Proner spoke in support of NYC motorcycle riders and called on NY lawmakers and police not to overreact to a highly publicized road rage incident or to let that incident cast all motorcyclists in a bad light.

News Channel

Hit and Run

Attorney Mitchell Proner was on hand when the motorist accused of hitting a female jogger on a road in Central Islip appeared in a New York courtroom to answer charges of leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

News Channel

Ferry Disaster

Attorney Mitchell Proner, an expert on maritime law, spoke about the similarities between the Costa Concordia ferry disaster and the recent Indonesian ferry accident that killed at least 24 people.