How to win more money for your injury than the insurance company offers to settle your car accident case for

For more than 30 years as a personal injury lawyer in New York, Mitchell Proner, the managing partner of Proner & Proner, has handled all types of accident cases. Mitchell Proner has successfully litigated simple personal injury settlements with insurance companies, taken complex cases to trial, and won multiple appeals.

On April 28, 2023, Mitchell Proner won a $2,056,000 jury verdict in the Superior Court of Stanford, Connecticut. After months of preparation and negotiating with the insurance company, the complex case proceeded to a two-week trial. The insurance provider offered $250,000 to settle, but Mitchell advised the client that the offer of $250,000 was not enough and recommended he reject it. He agreed to reject the offer and go to trial.

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What Makes a Car Accident Case Hard to Win?

Many factors affect the value of a car accident case: the percentage of fault of each party involved, the severity of the injuries and the complexity of the medical treatment, the future consequences of the accident, lost wages, the maximum amounts of insurance involved and even the city where the crash occurred.

In December 2018, our client was driving his car down a road in Greenwich, Connecticut, when he was rear-ended by a small truck from a glass repair company. The car accident resulted in our client suffering a fractured pelvis.

Although it was clear that the van driver was at fault and the injuries were severe, three circumstances complicated the lawsuit:

Our client had been in several previous accidents involving injuries to the same body parts for which we filed the claim. In fact, at the time of the accident, he was receiving medical treatment for pain management. The car accident occurred in a very conservative town where our client, an avid motorcycle rider, may not receive much compensation from the jury.

During the trial, the lawyers for the insurance company showed the jury social media posts of our client at the gym working out, smiling, and posing with his arms outstretched and fists up. To many, these photos may have been a reason to settle the case.

The challenge for Michell was to show the real consequences of the accident, the true impact on our client’s health, and future losses.

Two ways to win a car accident case: in a settlement or a lawsuit against the insurer

Typically, after a car accident, the parties involved will try to agree on the compensation the accident victim deserves.

In that process, insurance attorneys will do everything possible to minimize compensation for the injured person. Therefore, if you suffered a car accident in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or any other city in New York or Connecticut, it is important that you also have the help of a personal injury lawyer who represents your interests.

In this case, attorney Mitchell Proner had asked the insurance company for $700,000, but the insurer said the maximum pay out would be $250,000. Since an agreement was impossible, Mitchell Proner suggested that his client take the case to trial, knowing that winning the case would not be so easy because of where the crash occurred and the client’s prior injuries.

The insurer failed to consider that Mitchell Proner is recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in New York. After an intense trial that required our legal team’s total concentration and expertise, Mitchell Proner was awarded $2,056,000, more than eight times the initial amount the insurance company intended to pay!

Leave your case to an accident attorney who will fight for your deserved compensation.

The trusted New York personal injury law firm of Proner & Proner has more than six decades of experience handling all types of accident cases, and that is why we know what all injured victims want: the most money possible in the shortest possible time.

When you hire our lawyers, you get a firm that fights for the most money to protect you and your family’s financial future.

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