Here Is What To Do If You Get Hit By A Car In New York City

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In cities and states as busy as New York, people are often in a hurry and even distracted while driving, so accidents involving pedestrians can

In cities and states as busy as New York, people are often in a hurry and even distracted while driving, so accidents involving pedestrians can commonly happen. When there is an accident involving a vehicle versus a pedestrian, the injuries can be very serious, and you deserve to receive compensation for them. Therefore, at Proner & Proner, we can tell you what you should do if you are hit by a car in NYC.

There Are Certain Essential Steps After An Accident Of This Type:


The first step, which will always be the priority, is to take care of your health. If you have the opportunity, go to the hospital, call an ambulance, or go directly to the doctor. Even if the discomfort you feel is very little, it is important that you go to a doctor, since there are injuries that are not felt at the time of the accident due to the adrenaline and can eventually become serious.

Additionally, the ambulance report or medical records are the main evidence to support your case and provide more value to your claim. Remember that you should not worry about medical expenses, as they will be covered by the insurance.

Next, call the police as soon as possible to report the accident. The police report will also be an important part of your claim.

Also, contact an experienced, trustworthy accidents lawyer as soon as possible. At Proner & Proner, we can help you with your case, and the sooner you have the support of an attorney, the faster your case will move forward with fewer errors.

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What Happens If I Was At Fault For The Accident?


If you crossed the street without looking, if you did not went through the crosswalk, or if you crossed at the wrong time, you are still entitled to compensation for the part of the accident that was not your fault. In these cases, you may not receive full compensation for pain and suffering, but you may receive a certain percentage, in addition to amounts to cover medical expenses and lost wages.

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In addition, an experienced attorney can find evidence and defend your case to get your percentage of fault reduced.

The testimony that the insurance company will ask you to give will define much of your percentage of fault. In this case it is also very important to have a lawyer by your side who can explain what to say and what not to say, since the insurance companies will use any information you give them to affect your case and pay less compensation.

What Happens If The Vehicle Runs Away?


The most important thing at that moment is to gather as much information as possible, if you were able to see the license plates, write them down quickly; take pictures if you have time and, in case there are witnesses, take down their information so that their testimonies can be used as evidence for your case. In addition, you should call the police immediately to file a report.

You must keep in mind that, for whatever the case may be, there are deadlines and procedures that must be followed, for example, in the situation of a case against a public vehicle, you have three months to initiate a claim, but in the case of a commercial or private vehicle, you have only 30 days to initiate it, since after that time the no-fault law does not respond, and neither does the insurance company.

For this and many other reasons (including help with your testimony) the best option is to have a trustworthy attorney by your side from the beginning of your case, who can explain every step and be honest about the progress of your case.

If you or someone in your family was involved in an auto accident as a pedestrian, contact Proner & Proner at 212 986-3030. Remember that the consultation is free.

The articles on this blog are for informative purposes only and are no substitute for legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact our law firm directly.

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