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NuvaRing is a combination hormonal contraceptive ring that is inserted into a woman’s vagina to prevent pregnancies. The FDA approved its use in October of 2001 but the product, which is manufactured by Merck (formerly Organon USA) , wasn’t introduced into the market until July 2002.

The flexible polyethylene ring contains estrogen and a form of progestin. The ring is used by over 1.5 million women around the world. NuvaRing is considered a third generation contraceptive and was initially said to have fewer side effects.

The NuvaRing works by releasing a steady dose of the hormones into the bloodstream where it is absorbed through the vaginal wall. Women wear the ring for three weeks and then it is removed for one week. This prevents the ovaries from producing an egg, the uterus lining thins out preventing a fertilized egg from being implanted and the thickened cervical mucus prevents sperm from entering the uterus.

The NuvaRing has had its share of side effects including cardiovascular problems, cardiac arrest, blood clots and even strokes. In 2003 the New England Journal of Medicine released a study that showed that the level of estrogen that was found in the NuvaRing was responsible for an increase in blood clots and cardiac problems.

In the past there has been an increased risk of blood clots in contraceptives that contained desogestrel rather than other types of progestins. In November 1995, the Food and Drug Administration stated that “new studies indicate about a two-fold increase in the risk of venous blood clots associated with products containing desogestrel.

If you experience a blood clot in your legs and they are not caught in time or left untreated, they can travel to your lungs and result in death. You can also develop blood clots in your eye and the end result could be a partial loss of vision or blindness.

If you have used the NuvaRing birth control and suffered any of the side effects mentioned here – blood clot, stroke, or heart attack – you may want to file a NuvaRing lawsuit. The lawyers here at Proner & Proner have experience in filing claims on behalf of their clients and getting them the justice and compensation that they deserve.

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