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Third Party Liability

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Third Party Liability Claims in NY

Third-Party Liability Attorney Represents Accident Victims Throughout New York, NY

Third-party liability is a complex matter, especially in medical malpractice cases. Fortunately, our personal injury attorneys handle the full range of personal injury claims for clients in New York City and surrounding areas. The Bronx lawyers of Proner & Proner have the experience and skill to identify any and all parties that might be held liable for the losses you or your loved one has suffered as a result of the negligence of those parties. We will work with trusted professionals to investigate your case and take aggressive action against the negligent parties. At all times, we will be transparent with you and advise you as to the best course of action in your case.

For further explanation of third-party liability, please read on and then contact the Bronx attorneys of Proner & Proner. We evaluate personal injury claims at our Manhattan, New York office for injured victims throughout the state and the rest of the country.

Examples of Third-Party Liability in New York

Personal injury claims involving the issue of third-party liability are fairly common after worksite accidents. While an employer’s financial obligation to an injured employee is covered by workers’ compensation, the employee may still be able to collect damages from a negligent third party. For example, someone who is injured by a defective seat belt while driving in the commission of his job duties may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefit as well as compensation from the manufacturer responsible for the defect.

Third-Party Liability in NYC Medical Malpractice Cases

The issue of third-party liability in cases involving medical malpractice is, arguably, more complex. Medical professionals may be held liable for injuries or deaths caused by their patients if:

  • The physician or other healthcare professional failed to properly warn the patient of potential and foreseeable risks associated with a medication.
  • The physician or other healthcare professional was negligent in administering treatment to the patient.

The Brooklyn medical malpractice attorneys of Proner & Proner have a history of successful verdicts and settlements, including several historic resolutions of complex cases. If you or a member of your family has been harmed due to the actions of someone who was under the care of a medical professional at the time, you may be eligible to collect compensation from that medical professional according to the doctrine of third-party liability. Our attorneys in Manhattan, New York, would be pleased to evaluate your personal injury claim to determine whether it would be appropriate to take legal action against a physician, surgeon, nurse, anesthesiologist, pharmacist, or other negligent party.

Schedule an Evaluation of Your NY Third Party Personal Injury Claim

To schedule an evaluation of your personal injury claim, please contact the New York City law firm of Proner & Proner today.

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