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Elevator Accidents

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Elevator Accident Lawyers New York

NY Personal Injury Attorneys Help Elevator Accident Victims in New York

There are thousands of elevators in every major city. When they malfunction, it can be more than inconvenient–it can be dangerous. People injured in elevator accidents in New York City can suffer serious injuries and death. When the injuries are the result of negligence from a third party, the victim may be eligible for compensation.

To find out if you are eligible for compensation, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer. At the NYC law office of Proner & Proner, lead attorney Mitchell Proner helps clients who suffered an injury in elevator accidents. The firm also files wrongful death lawsuits for those whose loved ones have died. For a free consultation to discuss your legal options, please call the firm or fill out our online contact form to make an appointment.

Causes of Elevator Accidents in New York

Elevator accidents can take many forms. People are injured by:

  • Wet and slippery elevator floors.
  • Elevator car stopping above or below the floor.
  • Door not opening or door not closing.
  • Emergency call button or phone not working.
  • Elevator stops between floors.
  • Elevator speeds up.
  • Ventilation system not working.
  • Worn hoists or cables.
  • Electric eye not working causing doors to close when passengers are entering or exiting.
  • Not inspected as required by the city.
  • Swinging elevator doors on older buildings.

Who Is Liable for NYC Elevator Accidents?

When problems like this are the result of negligence by a building owner, an owner’s employee or a maintenance company, an injured person may be able to claim compensation. When a building is in violation of city building codes, an injured victim may also be eligible to file a claim. When an elevator has a manufacturing defect, an injured person may be able to bring a product liability claim in New York City, NY. An attorney can determine which type of legal action will get the best result.

Building Strong Cases for Victims of Elevator Accidents in New York

The NYC attorneys at Proner & Proner will determine exactly how and why the malfunction occurred and will investigate the full effect of the resulting injuries in your life. They will then build a strong case seeking maximum compensation for your medical bills, lost income, other costs related to your injury, and in some instances for your pain and suffering. In the case of fatal elevator accidents, they will file a wrongful death claim so that those mourning the death of a loved one can start putting their lives back together again.

Contact Proner & Proner for a Free Consultation About Your NYC Elevator Accident Case

Call the law firm of Proner & Proner in New York City to learn how our attorneys can help after an elevator accident, or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.

Attorney Mitchell Proner serves clients throughout New York State and Connecticut, and he also handles cases throughout the United States.

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