Who Pays For My Medical Bills And Lost Wages After A Motorcycle Accident?

Who Pays For My Medical Bills And Lost Wages After A Motorcycle Accident?

Attorney Mitchell Proner answers the question, “who pays for my medical bills and lost wages after a motorcycle accident?”


>>Mitchell Proner: ““When a motorcycle accident happens typically the injured rider has a lot of questions. They want to know who is going to pay for the bike? who is going to pay the medical bills? who is going to pay for their lost earnings?

>>Mitchell Proner: With regard to your medical bills, and your loss of earnings typically they are not going to get paid by the adverse carrier immediately. They’ll get paid at the end of the case. Your own health insurance will pay your medical bills. You’re lost of earnings will be paid for either by your employer through sick time, or disability payments.

>>Mitchell Proner: If you are self-employed and you didn’t make the decision to purchase disability coverage then you are not going to get paid for your lost earnings until the end of the claim, but it is your medical bills and your lost earnings and the extent of your injuries and who’s at fault that will ultimately determine the ultimate value of your case.


Last year we recovered over $15 million for our clients. With that money, our clients are able to pay their medical bills. They are getting their lives back on track after serious injuries and they are holding to account the people who wrongfully injured them.


$1,100,000.00 - Female, 35: Motorcyclist hit by oncoming traffic

Our client was riding on the back of a motorcycle going south when the defendant heading north made a left hand turn in front of the client, causing the accident.
Injuries: Fractured left leg which required surgery

We understand motorcyclists because we ride


$5,100,000.00 - Female, 43: Cyclist hit by truck

Our client was riding her bicycle when a truck was turning and came up onto the sidewalk. Our client went to back up and the truck struck her.
Injuries: Catastrophic injuries to entire right side of body below the waist resulting in amputation of the right leg and hind quarter; bladder rupture; multiple rib and spinal fractures.

$3,500,000.00 - Female, 33: Serious personal injury

Our client fell down the stairs and was knocked unconscious at a New York City
subway station.
Injuries: Fractured skull, subsequent seizure disorder.

$4,300,000.00 - Male, 63: Pedestrian hit by bus

Our client was crossing a street when a bus hit a car and the car spun and hit him.
Injuries: Traumatic brain injury; fractured shoulder.

$750,000.00 - Male, 35: Workers' compensation

Our client was changing a pump strainer on a hot air furnace when he stepped on a board and fell through the ceiling.
Injuries: Herniated disc which required surgery.


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